The Valiani cutting system that changed Tipografia Unione’s life

There are many machines that we have designed to meet the need to produce prototypes and small/medium runs of packaging. In 2015 Tipografia Unione, a historic company from Vicenza, chose us to become autonomous and produce in-house what it previously outsourced.

In the following lines we report the article published in Italia Publishers in which the owners of the company tell how Valiani has changed the life of their company.

Published in Italia Publishers


The Valiani cutting system that changed Tipografia Unione’s life

The Valiani Mat Pro cmc-ixV cutting system allowed Tipografia Unione to implement and make their business more efficient and autonomous.

There are not many Italian social reasons to celebrate the 50th year of life, even more so if they operate in a mature, competitive and strongly revolutionary sector like that of graphic arts. But there are two the challenges facing the Vicenza-based printing company Tipografia Unione won: 

not only in 2010 did he celebrate its 50th anniversary, but has been able to give new impetus to the own business by enhancing that Made in Italy printing that we are proud. Coordinated images, packaging, commercial works, high-quality products tailored to the customer, products and projects always new: this is the current core business of Tipografia Unione, a company “in progress” in the true sense of the word, even from the point in view of the technological update. This is confirmed by the purchase of Valiani Mat Pro V digital cutting system, intended for prototyping and the creation/designs of packaging and other paper applications products in short runs: a technology that has proven to be the solution right in the right place.

To accelerate the “heart beats” of creativity and Fiorella Bertoldo, daughter of the founder, is productive in the company Bruno Bertoldo, recently passed away. It was she who inherited the passion for this profession and in turn manage intelligently a second generational change, which in 2010 saw the daughter Giulia, a recent graduate, joins the company with all that load of ideas innovative that young people know how to bring. “My father, as a good businessman of the last century, has given a very strong impression to the company, who with his authority wanted to be strictly respected – explains Fiorella – so I chose to carry on the typography company of family, drawing heavily on the wealth of tradition, but leaving more freedom to express themselves and grow new ones projects that my daughter proposes ”. The result of the union between determination entrepreneurial and the vision of the future of Giulia has given the company a unique personality and the Tipografia Unione a strongly distinctive stylistic figure, which is expressed in every little detail. From the originality with which the company promotes itself, to the way in which the products are conceived and implemented.

The Valiani Mat Pro V cutting system, configured with a suction plate and square grippers, in operation at Tipografia Unione and intended for the prototyping and manufacturing of packaging and paper products.

Fiorella Bertoldo
Owner of Tipografia Unione

“If you can talk at a stroke of lightning also in the choices technological, then the one for Mat ProV it was love to at first sight, indeed at first cut!”

What production needs there have led to install a Valiani cutting plotter?

Like all decisions that we take in the company, too the purchase of the cutting plotter was born from a confrontation with my daughter Giulia. The needs emerged were two: on the one hand it was necessary to change our approach productive towards what is our core business, or make us independent and more responsive in production of prototypes and small / medium runs of packaging. On the other we were animated by desire to offer new product lines paper converting to diversify the our offer. The Valiani plotter satisfied excellently both of our needs.

Which model did you choose and what advantages does it offer?

We have installed by a couple the Mat Pro CMCixV, now renamed Mat Pro Ultra V following a restyling. A cutting system that guarantees a good speed and productivity, while keeping unchanged the high quality levels. Also Mat Pro V’s flexibility is worthy of note. Thanks to the tools for creasing and various blades we can work and shape every type of cardboard, folding carton, corrugated/microwave cartons with some tricks even those with souls colored foam and pvc up to 5 mm thick in one step – with the consequent economic advantages and productive. The cleanliness of the cut is given by the quality of the blades but also by blockages with pneumatic drive that they fix with extreme precision the material at the cutting plane.

How did the choice come about?

If we can speak of blow of lightning also in technological choices, then that for Mat Pro V was love at first sight, indeed at first cut! We submitted the plotter to a job that was not possible make with the traditional die and acted very well: we understand that we could have produced packaging prototypes at home of the highest quality, identical to those of production and in a very short time. Now we can offer quick and impeccable service prototyping that allows us to acquire new customers, to be more competitive towards of agencies and companies with specific needs, and also of give something more to customers who they have been following us for over 50 years. But especially speed and freedom to build the case around to the product as a tailored suit, accurate down to the thousandth. We are also autonomous on the medium and short runs. We have made by noon 100 boxes that had been there commissioned in the morning of the same day, and produced a display for necklaces carrying to the extreme the precision of cutting of the Valiani plotter. We produce also folders and many others printed, more and more free from constraints of the traditional die.

The Valiani Mat Pro V

You hinted at new lines of product. What is it about?

We launched a line of paper installations with which we will enter the complements market of furniture. May 8 we have inaugurated a new one space named UniOne Collector, created to do research. A workshop and participated in which the subjects involved can explore the many facets of an annual theme. Thanks to Valiani plotters we could set it up creatively.

The all-female, contagious and vibrant energy that Fiorella and Giulia do transmit from the first moment upon entering the factory in via Saint Augustine in Vicenza, go hand in hand with a strong competence and a determination that allows the two businesswomen to always have a clear vision of the future of their business. This characteristic is also expressed in the purchase of new equipment. When it came to choosing a cutting system for the realization internal prototypes, small and medium runs of packaging e other paper applications, the selection method was pragmatic. “We had heard of the quality of Valiani products and we went to the company to see them in operation – explains Fiorella – there was a practical problem to solve: the cutting of a star in cardboard of 1 cm. We subjected the Valiani plotter to our test: well, he cut our file with surgical precision we had doubts about the choice. “In less than an hour Fiorella put in the purchase of the Valiani Mat Pro, a system that to the extreme cutting precision, given by the possibility of adjusting the depth in increments of only 0.1 mm, and reliability given by robustness of the blades produced with the best steel, combines an excellent level of automation. This allowed Tipografia Unione to produce internally and with extreme quality of processes that, previously, entrusted to third parties, thus implementing a just-intimate operating model which makes it competitive and successful.

The new line of paper products for home decoration and an example of the packaging proposed by Tipgrafia Unione