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Since 1974
Cutting machines that last over time

For over 45 years we have been building reliable digital flatbed plotters to meet any requirements of different markets and production volumes. In light of the experience gained throughout this long-lasting and ongoing tradition, Valiani has been developing plenty of solutions dedicated to different kinds of professionals and activities such as framing shops, architect studios, museums, packaging and graphics designers, printing studios and fashion model makers.

They chose us

Over time we have carried out more than 4,000 installations, exporting our machinery to over 80 countries.

Valiani has been chosen by prestigious institutions, museums and companies around the world.

Your materials, our cut

All our machines can cut many types of materials with extreme precision.

Choose the materials you need to cut and we will recommend the most suitable machine for your needs.

We are cut out for your business

Whatever is the market you operate in, we have an answer to your needs.

Choose your kind of business and discover the most suitable machine to improve your performances.

The best choice

Our cutting machines are designed for meeting the needs of short and medium runs. Being extremely versatile, they can be adapted to many types of operations and are able to cut a large variety of materials.

Valiani Lab

Our research and development department works every day to create new technology, productivity and efficiency of our cutting machines. Our know-how and machines are also at the service of ideas and projects, to be implemented together.

Valiani Master Academy

The Academy is dedicated to all our customers and to those who want to know more about our machines: tutorials, materials and courses always updated.


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In this interview, CEO Nico Valiani presents the new Invicta, the big news of 2021. Read and find out all the details.

Fast Edit opts for Komori’s ink-jet B2+ and Valiani’s Omnia to acquire new customers

Fast Edit has built an entirely digital production flow thanks to the combined use of the Valiani Omnia digital cutting plotter and Komori’s ink-jet B2 +

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Valiani: the secret of Gio’ Gatto 1984 luxury packaging

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Our partnerships with Ricoh, Policrom Screens and Konica-Minolta

Valiani is linked to large companies such as Ricoh, Konica-Minolta and Policrom Screens by important and lasting partnerships. Find out why they trust us

Omnia: auto-feed die cutting machine

Have you ever dreamed of being able to make your machinery cut all day without an operator, even at night, without worrying about errors, blockages or waste?
We have great news for you:
Omnia will turn your dreams into reality

Automation and cutting machines: where we are and what’s changing

There are small and medium sized companies that need to automate their production processes but which are limited in space and budget: so, which equipment should they buy to match with their need of growth?

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