Software for your Valiani cutting machine

V Studio

Suite of programs for all the Valiani cutting machines

What is V Studio?

V-Studio is the suite of programs for all Valiani machines, developed to optimize the use of all computerized cutting machines. An innovative menu allows you to reach specific applications designed to create projects with absolute simplicity. Creating original mat-boards in quicker times, personalizing your boxes and achieving contour cuts from today will be simpler thanks to an ideal design environment, equipped with extraordinary tools.

A modern and intuitive environment

Design and create content for various types of work in a complete creative ambience, with an attractive look and with all the tools that you had always wished for. Thanks to a pleasing layout, clean and harmonious, the new functionality is easy to access and rationally positioned to optimize the creative workflow. A large preview, positioned in the centre of the screen, allows a clearer visualization of what the final project will be like.

Software & hardware

Valiani makes both the hardware and the software for all its range of cutting machines. Everything is conceived to work together.

Which applications make V-Studio so special?


Make the check-up of your machine easier and faster through a window for managing inputs / outputs, all the information relating to the various programs and remote support.


Fully configurable via the settings menu, V-Studio allows the user to create their own configuration, adapting the program to their needs and vice versa.


Discover new ways to create mat boards with full creational freedom and with the maximum ease, using avant-garde tools. Work quickly and intuitively thanks to a coherent approach with the user interface in all its components.

Easy Box

Increase your productivity, using the exceptional functionality of the new application for editing packaging. Utilize the new, purposely developed, functionality to improve integration with the M3 application and increase its productivity.

Image Cut

Reach new levels with the functionality to perform contour cut shapes. Use the crop mark detection function to accurately cut pre-printed designs.

Smart Cut 

Use the most common vector graphic programs to transfer your projects to Valiani machines.

Material Database

Optimize the software use storing all your materials including their specs , and tools & machine settings.

M3 & M3 Art

Software for boxes and POP/POS Display

What are M3 & M3 Art software?

They are specialized software for boxes and POP/POS Display. Supportive materials include folding carton, corrugated board and rigid board.

m3 is a complete library of parametric models and designs, specially designed for Valiani cutting machines. m3 is structured to give the possibility to modify, resize and cut boxes, displays and other 3D objects made with cardboard packaging.

m3 Art is a combination of features that allows graphic designers the flexibility to work directly in Adobe Illustrator using file boxes or POP / POS exhibitors and benefiting from their parameterization. Native m3 files can be opened in Illustrator without conversion and can be processed within the same work environment. Focusing on the visual aspect of the design process, m3 Art offers intuitive 3D prototyping and realistic visualization of the different types of material, printing and finishing. This integration allows graphic and CAD software to complement each other by increasing productivity without requiring any effort.

What do I find in the Library?

The m3 library of resizable designs contains more than 600 ready-to-use standards of corrugated board, folding carton or inverted corrugated board (ICB) packages. The Library of resizable designs contains designs of corrugated containers and folding carton boxes that conform to the FEFCO and ECMA standards, as well as to own standards.

The m3 Art Library contains more than 2000 ready-to-use projects. Parametric designs for folding carton and corrugated cardboard, including the full ECMA and FEFCO codes, standards appropriate for PVC and corrugated plastics are also available and a collection of parametric POP/POS displays and complex multipart structures – furniture, walls, booths, kids’ corners – for corrugated and rigid board.

The values of the parameters – for example, box height, side length, material thickness – can be altered so that new packaging can be created. The design is then automatically calculated and the relations between the various parts of the design are kept by the packaging software.

How is it integrated with Valiani cutting machines?

Both m3 bundles are fully integrated with Valiani V-Studio, allowing users to edit any designs, customize them and finally export to the V-Studio with cutting commands intact. From version 5, there is ‘instant cut’ with a dedicated Valiani button.


Crop mark detection software

What is Opticrop?

OptiCrop is the easy to use software, conceived by Valiani, to perform Contour Cut on pre-printed image. The software used in combination with ImageCut provides you with diagram to preview your contour cuts. This preview will even assist you in searching registration marks and export the artwork into your machine correctly.

How does it work?
Once the camera is positioned on the first registration marks, Opticrop automatically detect the 2nd, 3rd and 4th marks redrawing the artwork according to the position on the cutting table.
Retry mode is a time saving feature that allows the user to repeat the crop mark acquisition cycle should they not be found on the first attempt.
Hardware & Software

The machine mounted camera can read registration marks and detect the position of cuts on the machine’s table. OptiCrop has an advanced feature to allow you the redrawing of the artwork according to the print skew. This feature always ensures the maximum precision when performing the contour cuts.

What is the Contour Cutting?

Contour Cutting involves placing an outline around an object and makes the machine cut it.

With which R.I.P. software is integrated?

The software can import file generated by Caldera, Onyx e SAi.

Which file formats are compatible?

OptiCrop works with .SVG (Adobe Ill. o Corel Draw), .VXML e DXF Files

Color Recognition

Since OptiCrop works with vector files, it is possible to set-up plotting process using different pen colours on your art work. Using a black line the software will import the object as a cut. This feature also recognizes different colours and allows the user to set-up halftone colours in V-Studio.

Are registration marks plug-ins available?
Plug-in to add registration marks are available for both, Corel Draw and Adobe Illustrator.



What is the MyPlot® software?

MyPlot® is a software solution designed and built to integrate Valiani machines with any clothing CAD system on the market.

The program has two running modes:

  1. Via user interface, which easily allows to manage the imported files, using the simulation tools.
  2. Background mode, allowing the operator to continue his jobs while processing files
Control systems and compatible software

The MyPlot® program is compatible with most CAD systems on the world market. Through the control system it is possible to select one of the profiles to perform the cutting simulation or the processing for the cutting machine.

Dedicated programs are available to achieve the best efficiency and performance for the cutting production process:

  • Assyst GmbH
  • FK Group (TexWinCAD/ Futura/ Caledonia)
  • GeminiCAD
  • Gerber Technology
  • Investronica
  • Mozart
  • Lectra System V4/V5V/V6/V7/V8 (Vigiprint/JustPrint)
  • Romans CAD
  • Optitex
  • TUKAtech
  • Crea
  • Pro2Dev – Confelmod
  • Pro2Dev – Pro2CAD
MyPlot® functions


MyPlot® allows you to simulate the processing cycle of the imported file in a few seconds, analyzing every single point before being sent to the machine. You will then be able to check the plotting and cutting path of the file you just imported in preview.


A powerful editing tool, which allows you to:

  • Include start and / or end commands in the custom file
  • Change the cutting and drawing tools
  • Apply custom filters in the import
  • Apply a reduction of the excess points in the file layout to make very precise curves


  1. Manage up to three different CAD systems simultaneously
  2. Simulation with (customizable)printing times



What is MyPro® software?
MyPro ® is a software solution designed for automatic nesting in the clothing sector.

An easy-to-use solution, which allows the operator to be able to place his own existing patterns and / or placements directly on the material he will be cutting.

Marker-making takes place via drag and drop operation, on basic constraints previously set by the operator. The program also offers the possibility of positioning a pattern directly on the fabric, to then be exported directly to DXF AAMA / ASTM, HPGL or ISO. This program is the ideal solution for a testing phase of the files arrived from the pattern making department.

Within the program there is an important modification tool that allows you to manage the order of execution of the cutting of the pieces automatically or manually, so as to optimize the cutting path.

Compatible hardware and software
The MyPro® program is compatible with most CAD systems on the market, with dedicated profiles to achieve the best efficiency and performance for the cutting production process:

  • Assyst GmbH
  • FK Group (TexWinCAD/Futura/Caledonia)
  • GeminiCAD
  • Gerber Technology
  • Investronica


  • Lectra System V4/V5V/V6/V7/V8 (Vigiprint/JustPrint)
  • Romans CAD
  • Optitex


  • TUKAtech
  • Pro2Dev – Confelmod
  • Pro2Dev – Pro2CAD
Supported formats
The MyPro® program, in addition to the classic vector formats, PLT, HPGL, HPGL / 2, can import and convert files in the GBR (Gerber ISO cut File) and DXF AAMA and ASTM format for the creation of a new marker. For the export phase myPro® can export to HPGL / 2 – ISO – DXF – JPG.
The functions of MyPro®

The MyPro® program has a series of tools to optimize the import of existing files or models in DXF AAMA and ASTM format to create new marker files in HPGL or ISO format.

A Drag and Drop system enables you to create or modify a nesting, with the possibility of including or removing pieces from it.Change the height of the fabric, rotation constraints of the pieces, classification and import of fabric images for placement.

In the MyPro® program you can quickly modify the imported pieces, the basic functions of a pattern making CAD applied to the nesting system, the shapes of the pieces, notches, holes, texts, etc …

  • The MyPro® program is compatible with most CAD systems on the market.
  • Integration with MyPlot® printing system
  • Integration with myDigit digital shape detection system