The excellence in digital flatbed plotters

Cutting-edge machinery

Our digital flatbed plotters are designed to meet the needs of short and medium cutting run. Reliable and versatile, they are produced with Italian engineering and represent the perfect balance between productivity, performance and price.

Print, Sign & Packaging

Invicta Series

Compact cutting machine
with invincible versatility

  1. Prototyping and Sampling
  2. Short-run packaging
  3. Die and Kiss-cutting on stickers and thick adhesives
  4. Capacity to process a large variety of materials
  5. Cuts up to 20 mm

Optima Series

Dual-head die-cutting machine

  1. Cutting, creasing, drawing, kiss-cutting, v-cutting
  2. Operator friendly, ideal to be combined with flatbed printers
  3. From short to medium runs
  4. Cuts up to 20 mm in thickness
  5. No need to resort to the die-cutting process

Integra Series

Milling, cutting and creasing
in one single solution

  1. Milling, Cutting, Creasing, Kiss cutting, V-Cutting
  2. Equippable with a 1 KW router
  3. Effective on acrylic, Alu-dibond composite, thick PVC forex
  4. Compatible with flatbed printers
  5. From small to large formats

Omnia Series

Die-cutter machine with automatic feeder

  • Automatic and really independent workflow – 24/7
  • Perfect cutting and creasing on a wide range of media up to 12 mm
  • QR Code
  • 20-cm capacity feeder, conveyor belt and catch tray
  • From A4 to B1 format

Nexus Edge Series

Versatile, Efficient, Innovative

  1. Cut any framing materials up to 6,6 mm (0,26″)
  2. Time saving with capability of up to 3 simultaneus cutting tools
  3. No tool change, when configured with the automatic edge trimming tool
  4. Faster production and effortless operation
  5. More efficient blades consumption

Maximus Series

A professional and versatile
equipment for expert framers

  1. Unlimited cutting combinations with interchangeable heads
  2. Cutting material thickness up to 20 mm (¾’’)
  3. Virtual dual bay mode
  4. Intended for museums, galleries, art shops and restoration centres
  5. Suitable for conservation and archival storage enclosures

Geminus Series

Dual workstation, high cutting speed
and productivity

  1. For companies with significant production levels
  2. Plenty of cutting options at different angles
  3. Performance increments thanks to new motion controller technology and powerful motors
  4. Two independent workstations with independent suction zones
  5. Effective with any mat and foam thickness (max 20 mm – 3/4’’)

Gladius Edge Series

The cutting machine for
extra-large formats

  1. Working with the interchangeable heads system
  2. Maximum cutting capacity up to 5 mm
  3. Available also with vacuum-assisted table
  4. For mat-boards of any size
  5. Creative elements and decorations with any pen, pencil or felt-tip pen

Invicta AP Series

The solution to achieve
custom patterns

  1. For cutting and writing on paper patterns
  2. Software interface that can be integrated with .DXF, .ISO, .HPGL, .SVG, PLT formats
  3. Simulation of the processing cycle of the imported file
  4. Compact size and very low noise for installation in any modelling offices
  5. Energy savings and low operating costs

Optima AP Series

Writing cut and decorations
on any type of material

  1. Combination of cutting and pen plotting on fibreboard
  2. Rapid and precise creation and development of patterns
  3. Partialized suction zones and ergonomic design
  4. Also designed for natural, synthetic leather and fabrics
  5. Manufacturing of small batches of custom garments

The quality of our flatbed plotters is a warranty!

Every day we work to give the best to our customers. Our cutting machines are the result of Italian genius and craftsmanship. We use only Italian engineering and thanks to zero defects lean management methodology we increased the reliability of our flatbed plotters. This has led us to provide customers with a 5-year warranty, making us the only enterprise to offer such conditions in this sector.

DIGITAL Cutting machines beyond expectations

Integrity, passion, reliability are the values that distinguish us and make us a reference point in the framing industry and placing us in a prominent position in the sign, print and packaging market. We are committed to meeting and exceeding our customers’ expectations, anticipating their needs and ensuring high and long-lasting quality.