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Our digital flatbed plotters are designed to meet the needs of short and medium cutting run. Reliable and versatile, they are produced with Italian engineering and represent the perfect balance between productivity, performance and price.

Print, Sign & Packaging

Omnia Series

Omnia is a die cutting machine designed to automatically feed and contour cut media size up to 60×80 cm (23,6×31,5’’) or 75×105 cm (29,5×41,3’’) without the need an operator apart from loading the material. Omnia is perfect for cardstock die cutting job, such as packaging, business card or kiss-cut but thanks to the solid structure it can effectively process heavy material such as corrugated cardboard, chip board or thin plastic sheets.

Integra Series

Integra is the Valiani cutting system with a routing tool, designed for the signage, packaging and printing industry with the aim to manage complex die-cutting processes.

Extremely versatile, it is the ideal machine for routing, engraving and cutting with precision.

Optima Series

Optima series ensures a large range of finishing processes such as cutting and creasing, which meets the demand of different markets. It’s the ideal solution for die-cutting in the printing, packaging and apparel industries. Precision, reliability and flexibility are the key features. Simple and intuitive to use, Optima incorporates refined cutting technology that can satisfy even the most demanding users.

Optima 50

Optima 50 is the entry level cutting solution for short run cutting projects. Extremely compact and affordable, it’s the ideal solution for a company wishing to start producing mock-ups, prototypes and small production lots without the need of die cutting.

Invicta Series

Invicta is the Valiani entry-level solution within the range of vacuum table cutting machines destined for the packaging & printing industry. It stands out for its great versatility, precision and for its capability to meet any production need thanks to a vast array of tools and accessories.

Invicta is the first choice for those looking for a high quality cutting machine at a very affordable price.

Nexus Series

The Nexus generation is the latest evolution in building mat cutting machines. Thanks to a more robust frame, an adjustable stand and increased performance, it is capable to guarantee first-class features and top performance with the cost of an entry level.

Maximus Series

Within our framing products portfolio, Maximus represents our best-selling series, specifically designed for professional framers looking for excellent performance, extreme precision and great reliability. Thanks to its dual heads system, tool changes downtimes are reduced to a minimum. It is ideal for large workflow project such as nesting. Maximus can be equipped with an optional plotting pen as a third tool.

Gladius Series

Gladius is the largest mat cutting machine in the world. Equipped with a solid structure and high-quality components, it allows to cut mat-boards on extra-large format materials.

Geminus Series

Geminus is the flagship of mat-board cutting machines that combines reliability, high speed and large format. Designed for companies characterized by high volumes and production levels, it can guarantee 7-day-a-week, 24-hour-a-day functioning.

Optima AP Series

Optima AP represents the most advanced cutting system of the Valiani product line in the Apparel market. Optima AP offers the widest range of tools for cutting, writing and adding decorative elements to all materials commonly used for making garment paper patterns.

Invicta AP Series

INVICTA AP cutting system represents the latest innovation belonging to Valiani line in the fashion sector. Thanks to its compact and sturdy structure, the vacuum table and the possibility of cutting and plotting with a pen, INVICTA AP turns out to be the ideal solution for the creation of paper patterns for the apparel industry.

The quality of our flatbed plotters is a warranty!

Every day we work to give the best to our customers. Our cutting machines are the result of Italian genius and craftsmanship. We use only Italian engineering and thanks to zero defects lean management methodology we increased the reliability of our flatbed plotters. This has led us to provide customers with a 5-year warranty, making us the only enterprise to offer such conditions in this sector.

DIGITAL Cutting machines beyond expectations

Integrity, passion, reliability are the values that distinguish us and make us a reference point in the framing industry and placing us in a prominent position in the sign, print and packaging market. We are committed to meeting and exceeding our customers’ expectations, anticipating their needs and ensuring high and long-lasting quality.