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Tool Holders

All Valiani cutting machines are based on a modular tooling system that enables the assembly of different tools from a set of common building blocks. Thanks to this system users can quickly assemble tools for different applications. This reduces the time of tool changeover and boosts productivity. Discover all their features.


i-Heads Tool Holder – (ITH)

The i-Heads Tool holder is designed to fit all interchangeable heads series. The innovative magnetic sealing system makes cutting heads change very easy and quick.
The Tool holder has two type of adjustment: position mode and blade depth. Both adjustable by tenth of millimeter for
an “absolute” precision.

  • Quick Tool Change and no calibration needed
  • High Precision Adjustment Setup
  • Low investment/High Return

VersaTool Holder – (VTH)

The essence of the All-in-One tool. VersaTool Holder is designed to fit all the interchangeable cutting heads and it is for kiss-cut on adhesives, straight cut on varnishing plates / rubber blankets, on any type of cardboard and v-cut on chip grey boards.

  • Quick Tool Change and No calibration needed
  • Versatility and reliability
  • Limitless expandability / No Obsolescence

Fixed Tool Holder AP

On the Invicta AP it is possible to mount a fixed tool holder in addition to those supplied by default, capable of writing on rigid and fiberboard cardboard.


Valiani has also an array of tools that fit onto a multifunctional tool holder to enlarge the range of cutting process available on some models such as Oscillating cut, V-Cutting, Kiss cutting and many others.
Valiani Tools grant the user both Modularity and Quick-Change capability. This economical versatility represents a gain in the machining capacity, improving the return on the capital invested in the machine.


Powerful Pneumatic Oscillating knife (PPO)

For thick Cardboard Honeycomb, Composite Foam, Coroplast and Forex. This is a pneumatically powered tool, ideal for cutting heavy strength materials up to 20 mm (3/4”)*

  • Powerful and low-maintenance pneumatic tool
  • 8 mm stroke/ 9.000 Bpm
  • 20 mm (3/4”) cutting capacity*

*Depending on material rigidity

Blade type: oscillating round shank blades

High-speed Pneumatic Oscillating knife (HPO)

Ideal on textile, foam, polyethylene, and corrugated materials. The High-speed Oscillating cutting tool is a pneumatically powered device that combines performance with extreme precision, reaching excellent quality level.

  • High performance
  • 8 mm stroke/14.000 Bpm
  • 20 mm (3/16”) on softer materials

Blade type: oscillating flat blades

Multipurpose Tangential Drag knife – (MTD)

For folding and corrugated cardboard, vinyl, thin plastics and more. This is a precise multi depth tool capable of handling material up to 5 mm (3/16”) thick. The drag knives allow to cut at full speed releasing very high-quality finishing.

  • High-quality finishing 
  • High Speed 
  • 5 mm (3/16”) cutting capacity

Blade type: pulling flat blades

Universal Creasing Tool – (UCT)

A multi-use tool that comes as standard with 9 wheels with creasing and perforating functions. Able to crease a wide variety of folding cardboard, polypropylene,
single flute sheets, etc

• Adjustable creasing pressure
• Clean and precise creases
• Wheels easy mount

• Set of creasers for Folding
Cardboard (3 pcs)
• Set of creasers for
Corrugated Cardboard (3 pcs)
• Set of perforating wheels

Multi-Wall(s) Creasing Wheels (MCW)*

The 4 Multi-Flute(s) creasing wheels have been designed to handle double and triple flute corrugated board. They work in combination with a special creasing tool holder to be bought separately. 

  • Wheel easy mount
  • Clean creases on double as well as triple walls
  • Adjustable creasing pressure

*Optional upon request, not included within Universal Creasing Tool

Plot Drawing Tool (PDT)

For those needing to write part numbers or job names on items prior to cutting. It is available for the tool holder body and it takes standard pen cartridge ball points. This tool is also ideal to label materials such as cardstock or leather with text, marks or symbols.

  • High speed
  • Quick pen change
  • Precise decorations on cardstock

V-Cut & Bevel Tool – (VBT)

A specialized tool for creating beveled edges and folds on thicker materials. It is ideal for producing three-dimensional structural designs made of honeycomb cardboard, foam-core materials or light coroplast display board.

The tool has multiple blade holders to produce bevel cuts at 15°, 22.5°, 30° (optional) and 45°. Thickness capacity ranges between 6 mm (0,23’’) and 16 mm (0,62”).

  • Heavy-duty
  • For display racks and large-sized cardboard structures
  • Variable angle*

*15°, 22.5°, 30° blades are optional upon request, not included within V-Cut Tool

Routing Tool – (RT)

The 1 kW router, to be mounted on Integra, can handle the processing of the most common rigid supports used in the graphic and sign industry up to 13 mm thick, allowing to produce a perfect finishing of printed materials and much more.

  • Speed range 5.000 - 60.000 rpm
  • Tool change: manual wrench (max d.5)
  • Max diameter tool 6 mm

Drawing Tool AP

It is a nib for writing letters and numbers on patterns (rigid cardboard, fiberboard) for the world of clothing.

High speed and wide creative possibilities are two of the characteristics that distinguish the Valiani nib.

Requires E-Fisher Ball Refills to be purchased as consumables.

I-Heads (To be combined with VersaTool)

An array of interchangeable heads for the entire line of flatbed cutters. These heads are retained and positioned on the cutting head assembly by means of several small, yet powerful magnets, which make locking fasteners and hardware unnecessary. A specialized wedge-fork tool is supplied that makes removal of each head easy, safe and fast in under 10 seconds.

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White 90° – Straight Cut & Kiss-Cut (IHW)

This head has been developed to cut a wide range of materials up to a thickness of 6,3 mm (1/4”), but mainly for kiss-cut / half cut without damage to the liner material. It comes as standard with one pressure roller and a metal foot. It’s ideal for vinyl, reflective sheets kiss-cut, rubber blankets, varnish blankets and varnish plates.

  • Multi-purpose cutting head
  • Kiss-cut tool
  • Clean and precise cutting of self-adhesive vinyl without damage to liner

Green 40° – Bevel-Cut (IHG)

The 40° - Green head produces a bevel cut at 40° angle, ideal for both cutting small shapes and traditional bevel cutting. It cuts up to 2.3 mm (0,09”). Recommended for mat-board and polyester-based varnishing plates.

  • Universal Bevel cutting tool
  • Pre-glued multi-layer matboards
  • Intricated design cut

Purple – Embossing/Debossing (IHP)

This head includes 3 different tip types and it is used to create decorations by applying pressure on different materials. Any shape or design can be elegantly embossed/debossed on the surface of the material depending on its rigidity and consistency. 

  • Give your design another dimension
  • Raise the surface of your design
  • Ideal for braille applications

Blue 45° – Bevel-Cut (IHB)

The 45° - Blue head produces a bevel cut at 45° angle. This head can cut up to 5 mm (3/16’’) and performs V-Cutting. This application is highly demanded in the field of luxury packaging and more precisely to create rigid boxes.

  • More pronounced Bevel Cut
  • Ideal for high-end luxury boxes
  • Fine edges on V-cuts

Grey 90° – Straight Cut (IHG)

It has the same function of the multipurpose tangential knife. This head is able to perform a straight cut on a wide range of materials up to a thickness of 5 mm (3/16’’). It gives perfect finishing results on folding and corrugated cardboard, vinyl and adhesives, thin plastics and more. 

  • Universal Straight cutting tool
  • It comes as standard with a metal and teflon foot
  • Compatible with VersaTool Holder

Brown – Creasing/Scoring (IHBr)

The Packaging Tools set consists of one head with 9 wheels of various geometry, which have been developed for the packaging market for those who need to die cut cardstock, flute board, corrugated board and polypropylene. It has the same function of Universal Creasing Tool.

  • Adjustable creasing pressure
  • Clean and precise creases
  • Wheels easy mount

AVAILABLE WHEELS • Set of creasers for Folding Cardboard (3 pcs) • Set of creasers for Corrugated Cardboard (3 pcs) • Set of perforating wheels (3pcs)

Fixed Tools

On every machine it is possible to mount a fixed tool as a third or second optional tool depending on the machine model. This allows you to greatly expand the customization options available.


Multipurpose Drawing Tool

The Multipurpose Drawing tool is very user-friendly since it takes standard drawing tools such as felt-tip pens and ballpoint pens.

  • Available for Invicta, Optima, Integra and Omnia
  • Precise on any type of writing or decoration
  • Works with any type of pen

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