Extend the versatility of your Valiani machine by simply adding one of our many tools.

Valiani Optional tools fit onto your tool holder or on VersaTool to give it a dedicated function such as Oscillating knife, V-Cutting, Kiss cutting and many more.

Valiani Tools grant user both Modularity and Quick-Change capability. This economical versatility represents a gain in the machining capacity, improving the return on the capital invested in the machine.

Multipurpose Cutting Tool

Precise Multi depth cutting tool for material up to 5 mm (3/16”) thick.

Pneumatic Oscillating Cutting Tool

Powerful pneumatic vibrating tool for cutting various strengths of materials up to
20 mm (3/4”).

Creasing Tool

Complete Creasing Tool with 9 wheels to crease and perforate folding cardboard
and corrugate cardboard.

Multipurpose Drawing Tool

Drawing tool, usable with various types of pens, markers or any drawing
support within a certain diameter.

Plotting Tool

Plotting Tool to create dynamic drawing or text on the cardboard patterns.

Bevel & V-Cut Tool

Cutting Tool with 4 different cutting angles. Capable to perform cuts at 15°, 22.5°, 30° and 45° (up to 16mm/0.62″ thick) for producing complex packaging and 3D structural displays (POP & POS).

Embossing Tool

Embossing tool enables users to create subtle debossing, decoration and accents. 3
Different tips available.

VersaTool - Interchangeable heads

Tool Holder enables the use of all the interchangeable heads series. The main applications are Kiss-cut, bevel cut on chip boards and varnishing blankets cut. Cutting options available 40°, 45°, 90° and Embossing.

Routing Tool

The 1 kW router to be mounted on the machine can handle the
processing of the most common rigid supports used in the graphic and sign industry including rigid PVC foam, acrylic and aluminum composite panels, dibond, forex and plexiglass more than 13 mm thick.

Interchangeable Head System

Valiani has an array of Interchangeable cutting Heads for its entire line of computerized cutters. Chosen as the Art and Framing Industry Awards 2008 ‘Innovation of the Year’, these heads are retained and positioned on the cutting head assembly by means of several small, yet powerful magnets, which make locking fasteners and hardware unnecessary.

A specialized wedge-fork tool is supplied that makes removal of each head easy, safe and fast in under 10 seconds. Each tool head is color-coded and numbered to help simplify recognition at a glance.

White 90° - Straight Cut & Kiss-Cut

The 90° – White head has been developed to cut a wide range of materials up to a thickness of 5 mm (3/16”). It comes as standard with one pressure rollers and a metal foot. It’s ideal for vinyl and reflective sheets kiss-cut.

Red 45° - Bevel Cut

The 45° – Red head produces a bevel cut with 45° angle. This head works effectively on materials with a maximum thickness of 2.3 mm (6ply).

Grey 90° - Straight Cut

The 90° – Grey head is commonly referred as the “standard” tool for Valiani cutting machines. It can be used on a wide range of materials with thicknesses up to 5 mm (5/16”).

Green 40° - Bevel Cut

The 40° Green head produces a bevel cut at 40° angle, ideal for both cutting small shapes and traditional bevel cutting. Like the Red Head it cuts up to 2.3 mm (6 ply). Recommended for mat-board and varnishing plates.

Purple - Embossing / Debossing

The Embossing/Debossing Head – Purple makes it possible to create decorations by applying pressure on different materials.
Any shape or design can be elegantly embossed/debossed on the surface of the material. The purple tool includes 3 different tip types, allowing you to make decorations in various sizes.

Blue 45° - Bevel Cut

The 45° – Blue head produces a bevel cut at 45° angle. This head can cut up to 5 mm (3/16”) and performs V-Cutting.

Packaging Tool - Brown

The Packaging Tools set consists of one head with 9 wheels of various geometry, which have been developed for the packaging market for those who need to die cut cardstock, flute board, corrugated board and polypropylene.

Pen Drawing Tool

The pen drawing tool allows to add creative, eye catching design elements to any surface. The tool consists of a device capable of mounting a pen cartridge and plot any pen text or shape. The pen drawing tool comes as standard with 3 different sizes of adapters, allowing the user to insert various sizes and brands of pens, pencils and felt-tip pens.