Accurate and versatile dual heads cutting system

starting from 26.000 €

The cutting machine for professionals

Maximus is our best-selling machine: a precise, efficient and flexible cutting machine for framing. Robust and reliable, it is a cutting system for any kind of production volumes that will never leave you standing still.

Excellence at high speed

Due to its advanced design and top-class components, the Maximus is remarkably versatile and flexible to perform any cutting requirements at the highest speed in this machine class.

Triple Tools

Beside the excellent cutting performance, the biggest advantages of the system is the fact that the machine is equipped with 2 independent cutting heads plus a permanent drawing tool (optional).

Be creative

Oscillating Cutting Knife, available for all the Maximus Series, allows a cutting depth of up to 2 cm (3/4”).

An unrivalled cutting machine for mat-boards

The Maximus series is a mat cutting machine that guarantees excellent performance and extreme precision. Perfect for framers with medium-high production volumes, who require robust equipment.

It is a profitable investment with a ROI of less than 1 year and has an average life of over 20 years with minimal maintenance costs.

Maximus is a cutting system equipped with two independent tool holders and a fixed support for pen plotting, which allows you to minimize downtime associated with tool changes. Your work will be easier, faster and superior in quality.

Sizes matter

Maximus 80

Maximus 160

Maximus 250

Maximus 265

Functionality for the most demanding

Maximus V

The Maximus Series is also available with a vacuum worktable, which offers a great alternative to hold the materials during the cutting process.

Pneumatic Oscillating Cutting Tool

Powerful pneumatic vibrating tool for cutting various strengths of materials up to 20 mm (3/4″).

Main Applications


Up to 20 mm Foamcore

Multiple layers mat-boards

From Thin to Thick matboard

Conservation or archival Boxes

Intrigated Shapes and Text

French Line


Competitive Price, Extra-large Warranty

And that’s not all! We are so convinced of the reliability of our machinery that we have extended the warranty to 5 YEARS on every purchased Maximus. Be sure to take advantage of this exceptional offer!

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