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Please Note: this video could have lasted more than 24 hours
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Congratulations, if you have seen this video, you are one of the first to have known Omnia, the first Valiani auto feed die cutting machine. 

 Now we want to introduce you to Omnia even better: we want to tell you how it was born, with which objectives, and make you understand why it is so special.

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The genesis of a revolution

Omnia was created to meet the needs of the companies which want to automate their production processes without compromising on reliability of the machinery, quality of the final result and on the chance of cutting different types of material.

Currently, in fact, on the market we can find on the one hand machines that are too large and expensive for most companies. On the other hand we can find small and accessible machinery, but which are not reliable or which don’t demonstrate high quality.

From the idea to the prototype

Starting from this premise we started to work on the idea of an automated machine capable of working endlessly, without interruptions and able to guarantee a quality of the final work.

The first Omnia prototype was born after 8 months of planning and testing. The project was carried out entirely by our Research & Development department, 100% Made in Italy

The first Omnia prototype was born after 8 months of planning and testing. The project was carried out entirely by our Research & Development department, 100% Made in Italy

One touch and stop any waste

Automating long and repetitive operations is a need felt by many entrepreneurs who want to optimize their working time.

With Omnia you need only to set the desired workflow, start the process and then it will carry out the project independently, without the need for an operator for hours.

At any stage of the production process, Omnia is able to recognize and report errors or malfunctions, stopping to avoid wasting materials.

Do you want to discover how it does it?

Identity card

Omnia has come to light and is ready to show its distinctive signs


The first machines have already proved that they can work many hours without any interruption.


Omnia can cut many types of material of different thicknesses (up to 10mm) while maintaining high performance.


Thanks to the Valiani V Studio software and the many customization possibilities, Omnia can perform very difficult and different processes, in sequence and without any interruption.

Balanced dimensions

Omnia is 3X1.5 meters large and fits well into any business environment, with a 600X800 cutting area.


Omnia is made with “Zero Kilometer” mechanics, 100% Made in Italy.


The oversized feeder and suction system automatically loads the materials into the cutting machine. The automatic crop mark detection allows a hands-free cutting process and a status indicator will notify the operator that the feeder has dropped to the minimum quantity so It can be reloaded.


The QR Code feature improves workflow. The camera quickly detects the code, pules up the cut files into the software and executes each project, eliminating cut lists.


Average speed per sheet is calculated in 30/45 seconds when cutting A3+ sheet and a medium complexity package design.

Main Applications



Business Cards


Street and Business Signage

Post press digital finishing


  • Continuous sheet media loading and processing
  • High capacity Feeder
  • Perfect cutting & creasing on any material
  • Camera and software to ensure precise graphics alignment
  • QR Code
  • Simplified workflow
  • Cutting up to 10 mm
  • Brushless Motor
  • Vacuum Table


  • Cardstock
  • Folding and Corrugated Cardboard
  • Coated Paper
  • Adhesive
  • PVC & Foam Core
  • …and many others
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