Nexus Edge

It’s time for change


Nexus Edge can be equipped with up to three tools simultaneously:

Bevel cut

90° Trimming Tool

Pen Drawing Tool

Nexus Edge

Valiani is happy to present the new Nexus EDGE, also available with a vacuum-assisted table, both equipped with the Valiani patented interchangeable heads system and button clamps system. The two models present two different sizes: 120×80 and 100×150 cm.

Three words summarize the essence of this new model: Flexibility, Efficiency and Innovation


The Nexus Edge is able to alternate different tools in order to produce different types of cutting, as well as embossed decorations or lettering.

Without neglecting the possibility of mounting a creasing device to realize custom packaging sample making.


In addition to the classic bevel cuts, the Nexus Edge is able to perform pen decorations and trim the cardboard, thanks to the automatic trimming tool and the fixed pen holder,
all without any interruption and with unparalleled precision, thus reducing the timing of cutting processes.


Nexus Edge is the confirmation of how much Valiani believes that technological research is at the root of success, and that the introduction of new machines and tools, oriented to meet the present and future needs of customers, is a winning choice.

1 Patent pending


Nexus Edge comes as standard with:


  1. Cutting head at 40°
  2. Blade set 100 pcs.
  3. V-Studio software (CAD framing market)
  4. Possibility to add a fixed pen holder
  5. Possibility to add the 90° trimming tool
  6. Standard combo stand
  7. Vacuum table 2

2 for the Nexus Edge Vacuum model

Technical Data

Model Cutting Size
120 47″x31″
150 59″x39″

2 for the Nexus Edge Vacuum model

Accessories: which to choose?
Rely on our expert team

The Valiani team and its distributors are made up of expert consultants who will guide you in choosing the best accessories fitting your cutting needs.

90° Trimming Tool

The most important feature of the Nexus Edge is undoubtedly the ability to mount a new tool that can perform straight external cuts both horizontally and vertically. This tool works as if it was an automatic end trimmer that will serve to square the sheets and get the mat-board perfectly cut to size.

The automatic end trimmer is able to perform cuts at 90° on any
mat-board with great precision and speed. The addition of this tool will allow you to offer a higher quality product without sacrificing your productivity. 


Nexus Edge can be configured with a set of accessories that enhance its functionality:

Nexus Edge

90° Trimming

Multipurpose Drawing Tool

Blue 45°

Grey 90°
Straight Cut

Purple Embossing & Debossing

Red 45°
Bevel Cut


White 90°
Straight and Kiss Cut

Adjustable multi position stand

The Nexus Edge comes as standard with a general combo stand. However, with a small price difference, you can add the multi-position stand fitting standard doors that will help you optimize space.

Adjust it horizontally, vertically or angled and start cutting!

to buy

  1. Cut any framing material up to 5 mm (3/16’’)
  2. Time saving with capability of up to 3 simultaneous cutting tools
  3. No tool change, when configured with the automatic edge trimming tool
  4. Faster production and effortless operation
  5. More efficient blades consumption

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