Nexus Edge Series

Versatile, Efficient, Innovative

The Nexus Edge is a premium CMC computerized mat cutter, which has been designed and built with quality in mind. It offers superior craftsmanship, attention to details, and a better overall performance.

Thanks to the sturdy frame structure and the possibility of customization through a wide range of tools, Nexus Edge is a machine that can be used to meet different production standards and applications. Nexus Edge is the first professional CMC machine to have on board an interchangeable heads system, a permanent pen decoration tool* and an automatic end-trimmer*.

Nexus Edge can cut multiple mats openings with the cutting angle you prefer, add a decorative pen and cut the external edge without tool change,in one uninterrupted operation!


The Nexus Edge has the capability to alternate various tools to release different type of beveled cut, as well as debossing decoration or text writings, not to mention the chance to install a creasing tool for packaging sample making.


Thanks to the 90° trimming tool and the drawing tool, which could be both installed as permanent fixed tools, Nexus Edge is able to perform 40° and 45° beveled cut, pen decoration and external trimming without any interruption and with an unparallel precision, significantly reducing the cutting time.


The Nexus Edge is the confirmation of how much Valiani believes that technological research is the key to meeting the challenges of future, and how important is to be able to release products that meet customers’ and market needs.


* Opzionali


Nexus Edge can be equipped with up to three tools simultaneously:

Bevel cut

90° Trimming Tool

Pen Drawing Tool

Main Applications

Shadow Box


Multiple layers mat-boards

From Thin to Thick mat-boards

Letters and Texts

French Lines



From 4 to 12 ply mat-boards

Foam Board (up to 3/16”)

Gator board

Corrugated cardboards

Grey Chip board

Sizes matter

Nexus Edge 120

Nexus Edge 150

Multi-Position Stand

Thanks to the multi-position stand* space is no longer a problem. You can adjust it horizontally, angled or vertically. You just have to position it as you want!



Vacuum table for complex and repeated cutting operations

The Nexus Edge V combines all features of the non-vacuum models with a built-in vacuum table, for those customers who need a more efficient machine.

The Nexus Edge V can be used with all picture framing materials (mat-boards, foams and backing boards) as well as with low thickness and density materials such as folding cardboard, adhesive and packaging materials.

The vacuum table grants a better material holding and precision in the cuts. In addition to the bevel cut option (40° or 45°), the Nexus Edge V can be personalized with the writing tool* to make some decorations and the 90° trimming tool* to horizontally and vertically trim the outside of mat-boards with no interruption.


100% YIELD = 0 WASTE

Vacuum table and button clamps system allows you to trim your mat-boards to size right to the edges, optimizing the material yield and leave no marks on your mat-board!


Virtually endless cutting possibilities! Thanks to the patent interchangeable head system user can virtually have endless finishing possibilities, such as bevel cuts, debossing/embossing process, pen drawing, straight cuts and creasing.


The vacuum solution makes it possible to expand the range of processable materials and increase the yield on complex processes such as nesting or full-sheet optimizations.

Competitive Price, Extra-large Warranty

And that’s not all! We are so convinced of the reliability of our machinery that we have extended the warranty to 5 YEARS on every purchased Nexus Edge. Be sure to take advantage of this exceptional offer!

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