Invincible Versatility

Every professional deserves the best tool for a successful job. Invicta offers you the right tools to carry out your tailor-made projects, all with a low-budget investment.

Main Applications






Are you looking for a medium size machine that allows you to perform to high-quality standards whilst carrying out many types of processing?

Opt for Invicta and test it with several materials, thicknesses and shapes!

Some applications

Some of the most common materials

Invicta is much more than this!

If you have any specific need, don’t hesitate to contact us,
we will guide you through to the best technical solution.

Our long-term promise,
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Discover the advantages of your investment


High precision processing of materials, thicknesses and shapes of all types.


Easily installed and operational after a few hours of training. You will be surprised by its simplicity.


Every detail is made with the typical Valiani care and attention to detail, adopting high-quality Italian components and covered by a 5-year warranty.


The tool holder system allows the switching from one tool to another, creating the perfect configuration for various cutting requirements.


Perfect price-quality ratio accompanied by peerless operating and maintenance costs.

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Mock-up & Prototyping

Box and Packaging Production

POP/POS Display

Offset Varnishing Plates

Architectural and plastic models

Decals and stickers

Cardboard Honeycomb Furniture

… and many more!


Stretch Cardboard / Corrugated Cardboard

Vinyl and magnets

Reflective films

PVC / FOREX / Foamed

Offset Varnishing Plates

Leather & Fabrics

Paper Patterns

Honeycomb Panels

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Bring out the very best of Invicta with Valiani Software

Valiani can provide you software solutions able to speed up manufacturing processes, the planning phase and the optimization of your work.


the suite of programs for all Valiani machines, developed to optimize the use of all computerized cutting machines and compatible with the most common vector file formats.

M3 Art

the software application combining the potentialities of a packaging CAD software with the flexibility of Adobe Illustrator. The upgrade version ART allows graphic designers to work directly in Adobe Illustrator using preloaded samples or POP / POS displays and benefiting from their parameterization. Focusing on the visual aspect of the design process, m3 Art offers intuitive 3D prototyping and realistic visualization of the different types of material, printing and finishing.


the easy-to-use software, conceived by Valiani, to perform Contour Cutting on pre-printed images. The camera mounted on the machine can read registration marks and detect the position of cuts on the machine table. OptiCrop has an advanced feature to allow the redrawing of the artwork according to the print skew. This feature always ensures the maximum precision when performing the contour cuts.

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Material Database

V-Studio provides the user with a material database with some preloaded media, offering the user the possibility of a customization. This allows the operator to recall a material and automatically load it with all its settings.

Importing through QR Code or barcode

Thanks to the camera installed on the machine it is possible to load a file to be run by simply reading a QR Code. The QR Code feature improves workflow. The camera quickly detects the code, pulls up the cut files into the software and executes each project, eliminating cut lists. The same function can be extended to a barcode reader.

Colour matching

V-Studio is totally compatible with vector graphics programs such as Adobe Illustrator and Corel Draw. By means of stroke colours, levels and groups, it is possible to determine processes and process order. Further changes can be made later directly from V-Studio.

Camera management

The process of crop marks detection and identification is completely automatic and managed through V-Studio. Rotations and compensations are also managed totally automatically.

Unprinted side processing

Through an easy-to-use procedure it is possible to cut objects face down so as not to damage the print itself.

Multiple sheet processing

To optimize the workflow when printing on SRA3 format, it is possible to process multiple sheets at the same time. Once the positioning of the sheets on the worktable has been indicated, the process of identifying and reading the registration marks is completely automatic.

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