Geminus Series


The trusted solution for high-volume matboard production

The Geminus series offers unique cutting precision and quality at very high speeds. It is intended for companies with significant levels of production, as it perfectly combines speed with reliability. 

Thanks to an extremely solid structure the machine is able to manage complex workflows and ensure 24/7 operation. The Geminus series represents the highest performance in mat-board cutting. All the best characteristics of Valiani machinery are present in this machine. 

The Geminus is available with a dual head system, fold-away pneumatic clamping system, vacuum or non-vacuum table, real dual workstation, fixed pen holder and a camera for crop mark detection. 

Geminus is compatible with the patented Valiani interchangeable head system, which allows you to configure the machine to accomplish the most complex jobs on a wide range of materials, up to a maximum thickness of 20 mm

Move Faster

A stronger Y-axis, a more powerful motion controller, stepper motors with encoder, and a redesigned cutting head assembly make the Gemimus one of the fastest machines in the industry.

Double Productivity

Using 2 workstations allows you to process a job in the left zone and at the same time load the right one. The cut pieces can be removed while the machine cut on the right zone and Zone Left reloaded; All to ensure a seamless workflow.

Cutting-Edge Technology

Thanks to almost 50 years’ experience in engineering, producing and delivering cutting machines, we use only the highest quality components providing reliable operation, low maintenance cost and a long service life.

5 Reasons Why

  1. Robust Structural Design to last forever
  2. Top cutting quality thanks to a redesigned mechanics
  3. Performance increments thanks to new motion controller technology and powerful motors
  4. Two independent workstations with independent suction zones
  5. Effective with any Mat and Foam thickness (max 20mm-3/4”)

Main Applications

Nesting and pooling

XL and XXL mat-board

Multiple layers mat-boards

Mass Production


Museum Archival Boxes


  • From 1 to 12 ply
  • Foam Board
  • Gator board
  • Corrugated cardboard
  • Grey Chip board 

*with oscillating cutting tool

Geminus V

The Geminus Series in its standard version is equipped with button clamp system.

Also available with vacuum-assisted table

Safety First

Infrared safety sensors ensure maximum protection in every phase of production. Mounted on the front, they offer the user complete protection on both the left and right workstations

Tools available

Geminus can be equipped with all tools compatible with the following tool holders:


  • i-Series Tool Holder
  • Fixed Tool Holder

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