Omnia 100:
Automation goes bigger and wider

Omnia series expands itself: a new model comes with an enlarged format and important additional features.

The auto feed die cutting machine Omnia 100 is able to process mediaa up to 75X105 cm (29.5 X 41.3 inches) in size. It is thought to satisfy the growing demand of personalized die-cutting processes, exclusive packaging and unique labels without the added cost of dies and make-readies.


Here are the main advantages ensured by every machine belonging to the Omnia series

No Operator Is Needed

Omnia is designed and developed with the aim of making it work automatically all day long without the presence of an operator. Repeatability and reliability are two pillars that best summarize the concept of quality asseverated in Valiani Omnia

QR Code

The QR Code feature improves workflow a lot. The high-res camera quickly detects the code, pulls up the cut files into the software and executes each project, eliminating cut lists.


Omnia can cut several types of material of different thicknesses (up to 12.7 mm) while ensuring high-level performance and perfect finishing.


The new Omnia 100 guarantees exclusive advantages. Here are the main ones:

New formats available
Omnia 100 works perfectly on every paper format ranging between B1 & A4.

Double your productivity
Omnia 100 can collect two SRA3 sheets at a time, significantly increasing average output levels.

Convenience and automation at their highest
Omnia 100 allows you to eliminate the need for costly outsourcing and increase in-house production. You will shortly observe incomparable cost-savings for both short and medium runs.



Labels (Kiss cut)

Business cards and Leaflets

POP / POS Displays

Street and Business Signage

Post press digital finishing

and many others ...


Folding and Corrugated cardboards


Coated paper

Adhesives / Vinyl

PVC / FOREX and Foam

and many others ...

10 Reasons Why

  1. Continuous sheet media loading and processing 
  2. High capacity Feeder 
  3. Perfect cutting & creasing on any material 
  4. No operator is needed 
  5. Cutting up to 12.7 mm 
  6. Simplified workflow 
  7. Unstoppable: work for a long time without any interruption 
  8. Camera and software to ensure precise graphics alignment. 
  9. Ensured longevity at a competitive price 
  10. 100% made in Italy

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