Powerful Pneumatic Oscillating knife (PPO)

For thick Cardboard Honeycomb, Composite Foam, Coroplast and Forex. The Oscillating cutting Tool is a pneumatically powered tool, ideal for cutting heavy strength materials up to 20 mm (3/4”)* but it can also handle thinner and softer ones. The combination of pressure strength and the 8 mm stroke make it suitable for a wide range of applications.

  • Powerful and low-maintenance pneumatic tool
  • 8 mm stroke/ 9.000 Bpm
  • 20 mm (3/4”) cutting capacity*
  • Compatible with MTH

*Depending on material rigidity

Blade type: oscillating round shank blades


Carbon Fiber
Corrugated cardboard
Customisez Doormats and Car mats
Die-cutting ejection rubber
Foamboard-Foam core
Folding carton
Honeycomb board
Insulation / Thermal Interface Materials
Micro corrugated cardboard
PET-PVC-Polycarbonate panels
Polymers and rubber blankets-Offset varnishing plates
Sewing paper patterns