Welcome Invicta: CEO Nico Valiani announces us the big news of 2021

Nico Valiani

CEO at Valiani

Welcome Invicta: CEO Nico Valiani announces us the big news of 2021

The new Invicta was launched on the market a few days ago and is already arousing interest from all over the world. Let the CEO Nico Valiani reveal us his secrets.

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The commercial launch of a new product is always an important event.
How is your company living this moment?

There is a lot of enthusiasm and at the same time curiosity to see how it will respond to the needs of an ever-changing market.

We come from a 2020 in which, despite all the difficulties due to the Covid emergency, we were able to obtain good results in terms of revenues and to complete the Omnia project, starting its commercialization.

This year too we would like to outdo ourselves and the Invicta project is the demonstration of the fact that to achieve success it is necessary to focus on long-term planning and strongly believe in one’s own research and development department.

Where does the Invicta project come from?

Valiani Products done with Invicta

Invicta was born from the desire to propose on the market a product within everyone’s reach but with industrial machine-like performance: a very versatile machine, easy to use and able to satisfy the growing demand for quality prototyping and sampling.


Could you briefly introduce us Invicta?

Invicta is our new entry-level proposal dedicated to the world of printing and packaging. Based on our daily experience in marketing campaigns and in supporting customers, we have found it necessary to expand the processing possibilities compared to the previous Ultra model. This has resulted in an increase in performance and cutting capacity, as well as in technical choices focused on increasing reliability.

What are the goals of the new Invicta?

First and foremost, to satisfy customers, an objective that has always been pursued by Valiani for over 45 years, and secondly to repeat the success of the Ultra.

Based on the experience of the Ultra,
can we expect more variants of the same machine?

Invicta will be available immediately in the 150 version, with a cutting capacity of 100x150cm, which will be followed by the 120 and 80 versions. All models will be equipped with vacuum table and button clamps system while maintaining the feature of uniqueness that has always distinguished Valiani machines.

We are confident that we will also have the Apparel version for the beginning of September of this year.

Can Invicta be customized like the other Valiani machines?

Of course. Invicta, like all Valiani machines, is equipped with our patented quick tool change system that allows you to change working processes at any time without the need for special adjustments.
In particular, the feature that most distinguishes it from the previous model is the possibility of mounting an oscillating blade tool (like in the higher-end machine Optima) capable of cutting up to 2 cm, thus expanding the range of processable materials.

Should you mention another key feature of Invicta, which one would you refer to?

Invicta can be equipped with a camera and software for the reading of crop marks, thanks to which it is possible to cut out previously printed objects, even in multiple placements. A strongly desired software, on which we have been investing a lot to implement it within Valiani establishments. This has allowed us to constantly develop it and at the same time personalising it depending on the market demand.

At this point allow us to ask, how much will it cost?

As a company we have made a major effort to keep the price like the one of the previous model, for this reason Invicta will hit the market at 21,900 Euro.
Like all Valiani machinery, it was designed and built in the Valiani plants, using high-quality components and in full compliance with the CE regulations.

Why should a customer decide to invest on the purchase of Invicta?

According to the feedbacks received by our clients, we estimate a return on investment within 12 months from the time of purchase.


What do you expect from the market?

Invicta, one of a kind on the market, is covered by a 5-year warranty and supplied with « Industry 4.0 » conformity certification, two characteristics that I believe are decisive in choosing a product destined to have a relatively long-life cycle. Therefore, I am rather optimistic, and I believe we will meet our targets and achieve satisfactory results.

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