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As part of Our Perfect Cut 2021, the Valiani global event dedicated to our partners and resellers, we interviewed Mr. Skip Grant, owner and president of Grant Graphics, based in Saratoga, New York – USA.

He told us about his wonderful relationship with the Valiani team, his appreciation for the machinery and the great support he receives in terms of training and assistance.

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Director of

The company and its goals

Skip, could you tell us a little about yourself, your company, your customers and the markets in which you operate?

Of course. Grant Graphics is a digital printing supplier. Our focus is on printing and cutting, stronger and stronger combination between the two markets, good knowledge about inkjet printers, plotters, flatbed cutting tables, cnc routers

I have been doing this job for about 38 years, since the early 1980s. I started out in the Gerber world in vinyl cutting and printing fields. It is tremendous to see how these two industries are growing so fast over the time. 

In the first half of my career, I took on the role of company representative, working with dealers and teaching them how to sell and promote products.

In the second part of my career, which began 25 years ago, I started Grant Graphics. We are dealers, trainers and sellers. Our scope of action is not perfectly limited to one sector, for example that of signing or screen printing. We go wherever these technologies take us and that makes us unique.

So you look at the world of signing as the world of commercial printing and packaging, is that correct?

Pretty much. We are wherever people need printers and cutters. Universities, colleges, industries, manufacturing companies, federal and state offices: we know that digital printing and cutting go everywhere.

The relationship between Grant Graphics and Valiani

You told us about your experience earlier. Now can you tell us how you get to know Valiani and its products?

We got to know Valiani through a former Graphtec dealer, but the biggest moment was to meet the Valiani team in Dallas, at Printing United 2019. It was just fantastic to meet the people of Valiani, Nico and the crew. A very strong and friendly relationship started right away.

What are the main benefits you find in Valiani against alternative cutting machines?

We love the product line and the way they are made. Their performances have always been positive and we have placed several Valiani machines on the field.

We can fully manage the process from installation to training and we observe our customers succeed and be satisfied with the cutting and printing process.

We are big fans of the equipment, of the the accessories, of the components and the way they are made. We’re also big fans of the workflow that people can integrate to make their jobs easier and their products better.

Do you have a demo area at Grant Graphics where you house the machinery in and train potential customers? Do you think this is an important moment for the sale?

Critical, critical! We just hosted an Open House where we had 19 active workstations. 

Integra and Optima 250 are among the most popular machines and Invicta, the newest and smallest model, is simply fabulous.

I believe that a dealer should not have accessories and machinery in the showroom just to show them, but must know how to use them and make them work perfectly. We do a lot of tests, we do a lot of research and development. People want to test different materials, compare them with CNC routing or other laser techniques, there is always a great job to do.

I strongly believe that customer training should not be done only in the first two days, as many think. A dealer must train the customer through a continuous process. Within 2, 3, 6 months a customer may have to deal with a new and different project, so it is right that he has a constant relationship with his dealer.

Certainly in the technical part, Italian engineering has a great reputation. But what about the softer side of the business? You mentioned the importance of training: how Valiani helps you, your team and your customers in training?

In one word: completely. Whatever answer you need, you will receive it quickly whether you are talking about something simple, such as tools or consumables, or whether you are talking about something very complex.

For example, we needed to give a common line to the representatives of our company regarding possible questions, doubts and curiosities that customers might have. Valiani has provided us with everything in a clear, correct and unambiguous way, allowing our technicians to relate perfectly to customers in every situation. I like to work with manufacturers that work closely with their dealers. For me it is essential to know that those who work in Grant Graphics can always have a common line of communication and give coherent answers. Valiani is very strong in this.

I only choose companies that are very solid and able to give us a great professional collaboration and obviously Valiani is one of them.

Skip, it was great. Thank you very much for the time you gave us.

Thanks to you!

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