Road Signs and Traffic Signs:
why make them with a flatbed cutting plotter

Flatbed plotters are the best machines for cutting road signs and traffic signs:
we recommend your watching of this video to discover why.

Road signs and stickers:
the importance of a precise cut

Signs are a form of language by which we generally communicate and convey messages when it comes to traffic rules, dangers, indications and useful information. 

The signs that we see everyday are covered with adhesives, reflective sheeting and diamond grade that require high precision and therefore need to be cut very often with flatbed cutting plotters. These pieces of equipment are particularly appreciated in a wide range of markets and applications, including vinyl decals and pvc sheets.

Materials, cut and tools

Diamond grade reflective sheeting provides for the greatest visibility and is thus ideal to be used for warning signs, signs at pedestrian crossings, highway signs, and so on and so forth. 

The road sign stickers are often made of retroreflective PVC films and diamond grade sheets, traditionally in rolls of different lengths printed on one side only.

The production process is also guaranteed by the use of a cutting plotter with a tangential cutting tool, along with a high-resolution optical system, capable of recognizing printing crop marks and cutting in complete autonomy the most varied symbols reproduced on reflective and non-reflective supports.

Flatbed plotters: why use them

With a view of a perfect finishing, these materials require to be cut with a flatbed cutting plotter, such as Invicta, Optima or Integra flatbed plotter. The flatbed table keeps the material in place enabling flatbed cutters to deliver the most consistent and reliable performance in the processing of diamond grade reflective sheeting. In addition, they have the strength and sturdiness necessary for applications like this. 

The performance remains excellent in all the various stages of the making of the sign:

  • unfolding the protective film onto the reflective film
  • mounting the printed film on the bed
  • manual or automated cutting of the reflective material
  • coil cutting.

Behind the plotter it is often possible to place a roll holder to be unfolded along the work table manually, so as to optimize production processes and speed up the workflow.

Retroreflective PVC films are usually cut by means of a tangential tool that performs a through cut (up to 5 mm thick). It is undoubtedly this element that most distinguishes the roll-to-roll cutting plotters (designed for kiss-cut operation on stickers) from flatbed cutting plotters such as the Valiani ones, able to cut more resistant materials such as reflective films, thin sheets in PVC, vinyl decals and much more.

Thanks to all of these skills cutting machines are certainly the ideal equipment to cut and reflective signs, company and shipbuilding safety signs (for example fire protection signs, warning and danger signs, prohibition signs), signs for common areas, shopping centers, signs for private property.

Valiani flatbed plotters to make
road sign stickers

Among the machines in our range, the flatbed plotters ideal for making road sign stickers are Integra,Optima and Invicta.
Choose the one that best suits your needs.


The flatbed plotter for the most demanding: cutting, creasing, milling in the same machine


The cutting machine that everyone would like as their first flatbed plotter


The perfect machine for prototyping at the highest level

Keep learning

We have come to the end of this in-depth study on the reasons for choosing flat cutting plotters to make road sign stickers. We hope that it was useful to you and that you found it interesting.

Reading our blog you can find many other insights related to these machines and their applications on materials such as paper and cardboard, or to create fittings and displays or stickers and decals for motor racing.

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