Flatbed plotters for cutting paper and cardboard: what they are and why you should buy one

Cutting plotter and the packaging market: an evolution rich in opportunities


Talking about flatbed plotters for cutting paper and cardboard, we need to start with an overview of what the market of packaging is today and the opportunities it offers.

This field has been experiencing exponential growth over the last decade. A growth that has reached a real peak in the last two years. Both traditional and, above all, customized packaging have grown. By personalised packaging we mean a type of packaging which, due to its refinement and uniqueness, increases the perception of the quality of the brand and the product it contains, helping it to differentiate itself from other products.

The growth of the packaging sector has created very interesting and profitable opportunities for the players in the market, and has prompted many small printing presses to make (or at least evaluate) the purchase of a cutting plotter (as we had seen in detail in our article dedicated to personalised packaging).

Flatbed plotters to cut and crease paper and cardboard: how they help you grow your business


Flatbed plotters for cutting paper and cardboard help you carry out those small runs that until a few years earlier were completely outsourced to the die cutters. Today, however, these activities represent real opportunities for a printing press.

One of the main obstacles that all printers have had to face has to do with prototypes making. In the past, this activity was often left to the dexterity or skill of the craftsman, making this job a sort of niche reserved for a select few.

Nowadays, flatbed plotters allow you to move from the design phase to the production phase in a very short time. There is no doubt that presenting a real project is much easier than presenting it on paper or on screen. It is even more intuitive to understand how much easier it is to obtain the order by presenting a mock-up equivalent to what will later be the finished product.

Flatbed plotters for cutting paper and cardboard:
the 3 main advantages


Flatbed plotters for cutting paper and cardboard will ensure you three main benefits:

1) The production cycle returns to the inside of the company

From printing phase we can move directly to in-house cutting. The finished product has its own production cycle within the company without any outsourcing, and therefore without having to give up having total control over the timing of implementation. Contrary to the trend towards outsourcing philosophy that took place a few years ago, today, thanks to cutting plotters designed for the packaging industry, the fundamental part of the production cycle is brought back to the inside of the company. When the quantities to be made decrease, outsourcing becomes more difficult and less convenient.

2) More quality inspection

Keeping the production cycle within your company translates into fully controlling the quality of what we make. In this way, we decide which standards we want to achieve and what we want to adopt to distinguish ourselves from the competitors. By outsourcing the processes, however, it is not possible to have complete control of the work that others do for us.

3) 100% customization

Flatbed plotters for cutting paper and cardboard allow today to achieve total customization of the finished product. A personalization that goes through both the graphics and the shapes we want to give to the object we are creating. The chances of standing out and enhancing the ideas of each individual reality thus increase incredibly.

Which flatbed plotters for paper and cardboard we find on the market and which needs they meet

The market offer includes a wide range of economic products (mainly dedicated to the hobby world), an equally wide range of high-cost products, and a relatively small intermediate range, which includes reliable products at an affordable cost,accessible for most businesses and printers.

Let’s discover all the features:

  • “Hobby” Flatbed Plotters: machinery that meets the needs of individuals or sporadic business use, with low expectations.
  • Hi-Tech Flatbed Plotters (very expensive investment): this slice of the market includes, in light of considerable purchase and management costs (including maintenance), extremely performing products, an important variety in the choice of tools, large-sized cutting areas, software applications for integration in various sectors of use. These cutting machines are often purchased by companies that can afford to combine them with large format printers. 
  • Intermediate range (accessible investment): compared to the two previous types of machinery illustrated above, there is a third category that includes flatbed plotters that guarantee slightly lower performance than those typical of the hi-tech range, positioning themselves on a much more affordable price range. It is intuitive to understand the convenience and validity of these cutting machines, to which Valiani flatbed plotters belong.

Why choose a Valiani flatbed plotter for paper and cardboard and much more


As we have just explained, the flatbed plotters in the middle range represent a particularly intelligent and cost-effective solution. How are Valiani cutting machines distinguished in this range? And what is the main driver pushing more and more customers to choose an Italian brand such as Valiani?

1) Experience and solidity: Valiani has been designing and manufacturing flatbed plotters for almost 50 years.

2) Global presence: over the years it has been creating its own sales network present all over the world. Many of the distributors it relied on at the beginning of its history are still Valiani partners.

3) Innovation: throughout this time, it has never stopped from innovating, presenting new products and penetrating different markets, from framing to packaging, from signage to visual communication, from adhesives to fashion.

4) Trust of partners and customers: putting their satisfaction first and ensuring prompt support that lives up to expectations, Valiani has been building solid and lasting relationships with end-users and partners. This is demonstrated by the ability to forge strong ties with prestigious companies and institutions famous all over the world.

5) Reliability and longevity: Valiani has been increasing its reputation on the basis of the extreme trustworthiness of its plotters and their consequent longevity. Valiani is so sure of the reliability of its machinery that it has extended the warranty up to 5 years on the mechanical and electronical components of its flatbed plotters.

Which are Valiani flatbed plotters for cutting paper and cardboard


Here are the ideal Valiani flatbed plotters for cutting paper and cardboard.


Perfect for very high-quality prototyping of packaging, kiss-cut on stickers, v-cut on rigid boxes and more


Ideal for medium runs, it guarantees high versatility, from packaging to apparel, from adhesives to varnishing plates


Ideal solution for those who need to automate production processes while safeguarding the versatility of the flatbed plotters, without resorting to costly die cutting operations.

Keep learning: how to find out more


Our overview of flatbed plotters for paper and cardboard is over for now.

In this article we have explored the evolution of the packaging market, discovered what advantages these machines guarantee and met the flatbed plotters on the market.

Finally, we introduced you to Valiani’s value proposition.

We hope you found this article helpful. Should you want to know more about the world of plotters, we recommend that you read all the articles on this blog and continue to follow us on our social networks.

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