Cutting and marking in one single solution: our products to realize bespoke sewing patterns for the fashion market

Published in Technofashion | Issue 1 – February 2023

In the following lines we report in full the article published in the issue 1 – Feb 2023 – of Technofashion magazine, with the title “Taglio e scrittura in un’unica soluzione: Valiani presenta i suoi prodotti per la realizzazione del cartamodello” (Cutting and writing in a single solution: Valiani presents its products for paper pattern making).

Inside you will find a lot of information regarding the technologies and functions that characterize our Apparel range and you will discover the many ways in which they can help you in your work.

Enjoy the reading.

The Invicta and Optima flatbed plotters, conceived entirely by the Italian company Valiani, represent an excellent solution in the clothing industry for cutting cardboard, rigid and fibreboard. They make the pen drawing of the paper patterns easier and easier. 

Valiani is a real excellence of the Italian company, which can boast among its customers Moncler, Keyton, Ferragamo and Brioni among others.

The solutions offered by Valiani technology

Valiani technology offers specific cutting solutions that can be integrated with the main CAD systems on the market, so as to offer pattern makers a single tool that allows them to cut not only paper patterns, but also leather, fabric or any material to create prototypes, samples, made-to-measure garments and small series. They can do all these things reducing prototyping and production times and costs.

The great innovative functionality of Invicta is dictated by the enhancement of the software, which, among the various functions, provides a preview cutting simulation and an automatic placement with drag and drop system.

Invicta AP
Optima AP

Pen plotting and high performance

Given the continuous evolution of its research and development department, Valiani has managed to greatly improve the performance of the pen marker, which is the tool used by model makers for writing on the pattern, the so-called pen plotting

This now allows for smoother movement and an important increase in movement, ascent and descent speeds. The result is an increase in productivity and a potential expansion of the Valiani clientele, whose cutting machines will also appeal to those companies that seek not only cutting precision and quality, but also significantly improved performance.

The marking phase always precedes the cutting phase and requires high precision to engrave very small notches, holesnumbers and letters. Valiani’s pen, which requires ballpoint refills, guarantees all of this, ensuring both accuracy and speed.

Versatility, reliability and guarantee

Valiani machinery is reliable, robust and built in full compliance with the Made in Italy concept. They are covered by a 5-year guarantee, and can be customized with a wide range of tools, guaranteeing high versatility in the machining of different materials, shapes and thicknesses (up to 5 mm or 20 mm with oscillating head).

Finally, energy saving, low noise, compactness and very low operating costs are other reasons for relying on Valiani technology, a well-established reality in the prototyping market and small series in the clothing industry.

Tool AP
Drawing Tool AP and some paper pattern cuts