Cutting of the ejection rubbers for the dies

In this article we will talk about cutting the ejection rubbers for the dies and how this very useful operation can be carried out in an extremely simple way.

Starting from an understanding of what dies are and the usefulness of rubbers, we will give a very in-depth overview on the subject, illustrating how a single cutting machine can solve many different needs.

What is a die? How are they used?

To answer this question, first of all, it is essential to clarify what is commonly associated with the word die. By die we generally mean a tool / mold through which a precise cut is made on a product made of « light » material. The flat or American die is a tool composed of a steel band with a cutting upper profile that reproduces exactly the shape we want to achieve.

A lower, non-cutting sheet called « creasing » can be inserted in the same die, with the aim of crushing the cardboard to allow it to fold. In some cases, the same creasing can be replaced with a cutting edge lower than the cutting one to perform a « half cut ».

How the die is made?

Typically, cutting edges such as creasing machines are assembled on a wooden surface. The wooden surface is previously engraved in order to create channels inside which the various knives will be mounted. In addition to the aforementioned knives, the die will be integrated with rubber pads that will help the sheet come off after cutting.

In this article we will analyze the part relating to the creation of rubber pads, also called expulsion rubbers.

How are they produced?

Water jet cutting

Until a few years ago, the most used production process for cutting rubber was to use water jet machines. Water jet cutting, also known only as “waterjet”, allows you to perform extremely precise cuts, on any shape and size, but above all on any material.

Flatbed cutting machines

Taking note of the high quality that can be achieved by producing rubber with water jet cutting technology, it should be remembered that the market offers alternative solutions.

A valid alternative solution is undoubtedly the use of traditional flatbed cutting machines, which are able to guarantee excellent quality levels and at the same time turn out to be a more economical system. They are also able to significantly reduce the absorbed energy and water waste of a « Waterjet » cut, thus ensuring maximum energy efficiency and environmental protection.

How can we orient ourselves in the choice of a flatbed cutting machine?

The market offers multiple solutions, both in terms of investment and production capacity and, many often, the solutions proposed tend to be « oversized » compared to the real need. 

Starting from the assumption that the “quality of the cut product” should be the starting point, it will be necessary to analyze the characteristics of the machinery. Certainly the most important are: the size of the worktop, the type of tools available, ease of use and low operational costs.

How do we analyze the characteristics?

The dimensions of the work area are fundamental because they go hand in hand with those of the rubber that we have to cut. In the same way, the cutting tool is fundamental, which must guarantee both precision and the ability to adapt to the different textures and thicknesses of the rubbers. The ease of use and the ability to interface with the resources already present in the company are a fundamental aspect to be able to fully exploit the production capacity of the machine right from the start. Last aspect not to be overlooked are the entry cost of the product and the subsequent costs of use and maintenance.

What is Valiani’s proposal in this field of applications?

Valiani has always been very attentive to the needs of these small market niches and has decided to propose a product with a sustainable entry cost and able to create an excellent product. Invicta is Valiani’s entry-level product but despite the word « entry-level » some limitations seem to transpire, the machine is able to perform the most complex processes on the most different types of ejection rubbers. Thanks to an oscillating blade cutting tool, Invicta is able to guarantee quality and precision even on extremely small objects.

How long does it take to get up and running?

Once you get the technical features of the cutting system, it will be necessary to understand what needs to be done in terms of design and conception. To facilitate the industrialization and computerization process of companies, Valiani has developed its own software to allow you to manage the most used file formats in the die-cutting industry, among which SVG, PDF, DXF and CF2.

Which other costs can I expect to face over time?

As already mentioned, Valiani with his Invicta is able to guarantee a high quality cut for a very low initial investment. In addition to this, Valiani can ensure negligible operating and maintenance costs, and this is confirmed by the chance of extending the warranty to a full 5 years. All this at no additional cost.

Can I cut some other media with the same cutting system?

The ideal solution would be to have a versatile cutting machine to create prototypes of boxes or paper products, considering an upfront reasonable investment that will definitely bring great benefits to any business in this industry. This specific feature to cut the prototype of a box or suitcase allows to come to the realization of the die with the certainty of the goodness of the project. All this and much more can be reached with the Invicta Series.

What do we guarantee?


Just with CAD design and a digital file, we can make meticulous cuts, minimizing waste and executing complex shapes.


The same machine allows you to make your own « rubber coatings » such as prototyping or pre-series, significantly reducing the timing of the production chain and obtaining brilliant results both in terms of speed and cost.

Economic Sustainability

Thanks to a low initial investment and negligible operating costs, we can guarantee a ROI (Return on Investment) unmatched in the market.

The best digital rubber cutting machine for dies

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