Palomar chooses Optima
to cut new materials

Cutting of insulating materials. Valiani is able to provide
cutting solutions for Linoleum, ABS, fabric and poplar plywood

Palomar is a leading company in the production of high quality sandwich panels and semi-finished components for caravans and mobile homes.

Palomar was founded in 2003 from the merger of three companies already involved in the sector headed by the Bagni, Giotti and Nencioni families, with the aim of combining their know-how to offer an ever better service.

In this interview, Roberto Bagni and Andrea Nencioni, managers of Palomar S.r.l.
they explain to us why they have chosen a Valiani Optima for their company.

In which sector does your company mainly operate?

Palomar operates mainly in the Camper and Mobile Homes sector. We create the sandwich panels necessary for the composition of the bodies.

Why did you choose a Valiani machine?

We contacted the company and then chose a Valiani machine when the need arose to do a completely new job for us and we had to equip ourselves to do it quickly and in a qualitative way.
We were aware of the excellent reputation that Valiani has all over the world in terms of cutting machines and it seemed natural to us to consult a company close to ours.
After various technical tests, it was not difficult to understand that Optima was the right choice.

What materials do you cut with the Valiani Optima cutting machine?

We use insulating materials (EPS, XPS, PU), linoleum, abs, fabric and Poplar plywood.

Do the tools you have chosen to match at the time of purchase meet your needs? Do you plan to try others in the future to increase the application fields?

Of course, we are fully satisfied both in terms of quality and performance of the machinery. 

Over time we have also added a pen holder head and for the future we plan to add an oscillating head with more pulses to cut the fabric.

As often happens in production sites, we initially focused on making the machinery operational and performing; now that the part relating to the realization of the panels goes on without problems we would like to make the most of it trying to enhance its versatility.

What do you think about the final product obtained from using the Valiani machine?

We can say that the final product we obtain using Optima is truly excellent.

How do you consider the interaction between the operator and the machine and the experience in general?

Our evaluation of the experience with Valiani is extremely positive; it was from the very beginning during the installation and subsequently with the full willingness to support us whenever we had doubts about the functioning of the same.

Using it daily, we then realized how simple and intuitive the software was and how quick the tooling of the machine was to carry out the different production processes. Without a doubt a successful purchase.

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