Phase 1 Prototypes and the perfect automation of Valiani Omnia

During Our Perfect Cut 2021, the Valiani global event dedicated to our partners and resellers, we interviewed Mr. Bill Ramirez, owner of Phase 1 Prototypes, a prototyping and small production company based in Dallas, Texas – USA.

As he explains in the interview, Bill Ramirez is absolutely enthusiastic about the quality of work, tooling and mechanics of Valiani Omnia. And above all, he is extremely satisfied with its ability to work continuously independently, without the need for an operator.

Watch the video and read his words to find out all the details.


Owner of

Phase 1 Prototypes:history and business of the company

Today we are with Bill Ramirez, owner of Phase 1 Prototypes, a company from Dallas, USA. Bill, could you introduce us to your company, tell us about the context in which it operates and the products and services you provide?

Well, we have been in the business for 15 years. We do packaging, prototypes, small quick turns, packaging samples, tops of runs and much more. For example, in recent years we have started making trading cards dedicated to the most popular sports in the United States, such as baseball, football and soccer.

Everything we make is done digitally and in-house.

Ok, so, even though your company is called Phase 1 Prototypes, do you also do some long runs as well.

Well, I think short runs is the best way to describe it.

The relationship with Valiani cutting machines

Do you have a long experience with cutting machines? You have had experience with Valiani but also with other brands, right?

Yes, when we started our business we started with Kongsbergs and then moved on to other models and brands. Three months ago we bought the first Valiani Omnia, to be more automated.

How did you come across Valiani? How did you find out about us?

I have done a lot of research on the Internet. I was looking for a more automated solution, with a feeder and delivery. I looked closely at the products of different brands and Valiani Omnia was the one that suited our needs best.

The importance of automation and the opinion on Omnia

Earlier you mentioned automation: is it very important for your business?

Yes, and it will be increasingly important. I believe that it is increasingly difficult to find qualified personnel able to use the machinery. We want to increase our machines without having to find many operators to manage them. Valiani allows us to run several machines with only one operator.

You have over three months of experience with Valiani Omnia, how is it going?

It’s going great! We were looking for a machine with tooling and a build of the highest level. We work 24/7 and we needed a machine that would allow us to do it without problems.As for Valiani Omnia, the equipment, tools and way of working are those of a true top of the range. 

The machine works incessantly even at night and we have never had any problems, breakdowns and interruptions. As for the build we are sure they will last for many years.

So you are running Omnia in autonomous mode. Once the machine is started, it can work by itself, without having to entrust it with an operator 24 hours a day, is it true? Can you explain how it works?

Sure, it’s true. Once the feeder has been loaded, the operator only has to take a glance at the machine and then change the blade after a couple hundred sheets.

The work you do is also carried out for some of the most prestigious brands. Have you ever had problems with the quality of the output for these very picky brands?

No, we have never had any problems, the quality is really high. For example, trading cards require the highest standards of precision between the cuts we need to make. Omnia’s camera system and registration guarantee absolute perfection even on this type of work.

How do you think it will go in the next few years? Do you feel confident in the quality of the build?

I’ve never had any problems and I’m sure everything will be fine in the next few years as well. In the coming months we would also like to add more machines.

One of the main problems it helps you solve is that of personnel management. How many machines can one of your operators manage at the same time?

It can manage 4 or 5 machines at the same time.

Bill, thank you very much indeed for your time

Thank you!

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