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Two new Valiani cutting machines designed for the apparel industry

At the root of a garment there is always a pattern, whether it is a dress, a sleeve or the sole of a shoe, this support is necessary to have the right size and shape of the item.
A paper pattern faithfully repeats the physical measurements and is used whenever a garment is to be made. This is where the need arises to digitalize the paper templates and to be able to cut them into durable materials such as cardboard or fiberboard. From this assumption comes the need for computerized cutting machines capable of processing materials of different thicknesses and consistencies.

Discover Invicta AP
e Optima AP

Valiani is pleased to officially inaugurate its division for the fashion industry with two robust, versatile and extremely performing machines.

The Optima and Invicta series are extended with the AP (apparel) versions, both designed to manufacture goods belonging to the fashion, clothing and footwear industry, and ideal for small batch productions.
The cutting heads, together with the drawing tool, all combined with a highly ergonomic design and a simple and intuitive software interface, allow you to achieve highly precise results even on small cuts and drawings.

INVICTA AP and OPTIMA AP are the ideal devices for all model makers who have to cut a large amount of paper or cardboard patterns. The main benefits consist of a considerable time and cost saving in the cutting process, with a view to producing “in-house” what it is generally outsourced to third-party companies.


Here are some of the main advantages guaranteed by Valiani flatbed plotters

Vacuum table with multiple zones

All machines are delivered with a vacuum table divide into multiple zones to ensure the best media holding and preventing the material from lifting during cutting operations.

High-precision cutting

Maximum accuracy whether you cut paper, rigid cardboard and fiberboard, as well as leather, fabrics and foamed materials thanks to the wide choice of cutting tools.

Writing tool

A fast and accurate pen plotting tool allows you to draw letters, numbers and shapes on any substrate.

User-friendly software

Through PRO2® software, the plotters interface with all the CAD applications of the sector, thus using the standard formats HPGL, HPGL II, DXF, ISO, PLT or SVG. with a view to streamlining your workflow.

Ergonomic design

Thanks to their compactness and small size, Valiani machines can be easily installed even in small and limited spaces.

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