All you need to know about flatbed plotters to make signs, fittings for shop windows and displays

Start creating perfect materials for point of sale and trade shows

In this article we will tell you about the ideal flatbed plotters to make signs, fittings for shop windows and displays. We will explore the world of these cutting machines, we will understand how the needs of the market change, what are the needs they solve, how to choose the ideal product.
Together, therefore, we will discover all the details of the flatbed plotters designed for cutting materials such as plexiglass, forex, corrugated cardboard, honeycomb cardboard and alu-dibond.

The market: why buy flatbed plotters to create signs, fittings for shop windows and displays


The market is experiencing a growth in attention towards everything that involves the presentation or display of a product. Signs, shop windows, interior fittings, communication in the points of sale are handled by the companies in detail, following strategies designed to increase the appeal and perception of the product.

The increase in this type of sensitivity obviously involves the whole sector of commercial and exhibition activities and has generated a growing demand for customized products, which enhance the uniqueness of the products in form, graphics and textual display.

This growing awareness of the importance of detail and presentation has increased the demand for differentiation and, consequently, the research and use of the most disparate materials.

To answer to this type of request, today’s challenge has become that of finding a versatile cutting machine capable of processing most materials, enhancing the creativity of the designer.

Flatbed plotters to make signs, fittings for shop windows and displays: which materials do they work?


What materials can cutting plotters work to create signs, fittings for shop windows and displays?

There are many, and they change according to the type of object you want to make.

As for the world of signage, the flatbed plotters will deal with the milling of materials such as alu-dibond, lexan, plexiglass and, less frequently, forex.

If we talk, instead of media such as displays, totems, pop/pos flatbed plotters will commonly deal with materials such as corrugated cardboard, honeycomb cardboard and forex.

Flatbed plotters to make signs, fittings for shop windows and displays: how do they help your company?


Flatbed plotters have the fundamental task of helping your business become much more flexible. These multifunctional digital cutting systems will allow you to carry out different processes without having to buy more than one machine to do it.

You will not have to buy a milling machine, a die cutter and more to perform various functions.

The plotter is that multifunctional machine that manages to perform many different tasks while maintaining a high level of quality. You will be able to carry out different processes and applications with a single cutting machine.

Furthermore, we must keep in mind that, when we talk about this branch of application, we refer to the range of single pieces and small runs. The best flatbed plotters allow you to quickly create the product and produce the single piece with costs similar to those of quantity production, leaving the logic of mass production.

Other advantages: the importance of a production cycle within the company

Flatbed plotters to make signs, fittings for shop windows and displays, managing to perform many different functions in an excellent way, guarantee another fundamental advantage: they allow you to go directly from printing to cutting in-house. Bringing the production cycle entirely within the company is essential if you want to have:

  • Total control over the timing of implementation;
  • Total control over the quality standards to be adopted;

These features allow you not to depend on third parties and to be the only starring of your own success.

Realization of signs, fittings and displays:
the products on the market

The market offers three types of products to make signs, fittings and displays:

1) Laser cut: achieves excellent results on materials such as lexan, forex and plexiglass. Conversely, laser cutting is not suitable for materials such as cardboard or paper, because it burns them in the process, making the final result unacceptable.

2) Milling machines: they achieve excellent results on all rigid materials. However, they have a big limitation: when a material has to be cut with a blade, they require the work of an additional machine.

3) Multifunctional digital cutting systems: sthey are the ones that meet the most with a concept of wide versatility. As already mentioned, they are the ideal solution for those who need a multipurpose machine capable of responding effectively to the most diverse needs.

Valiani flatbed plotters belong to this last category.

7 reasons to choose a Valiani cutting plotter to create signs, fittings for shop windows and displays

 Valiani cutting plotters designed to create signs, fittings for shop windows and displays only increase the advantages relating to the multifunctionality of this type of digital machinery.
Let’s find out the 7 reasons why you should choose one of them:

1Experience: Valiani has been designing and manufacturing flatbed plotters and cutting machines for almost 50 years.

2Perfect ratio between price and quality: no one is able to offer flatbed plotters with the same levels of performance, versatility and reliability at the price at which Valiani offers them.

3Offer: This versatility that is expressed on every type of need, from dimensions to the offer of high quality tools.
4Competence: The great experience accumulated allows Valiani to decide carefully on components, functions and accessories.
5Customer Oriented: our experience allows us to know the user’s needs and consequently to correctly recommend the most suitable products for every need.
6Made in Italy: all the Valiani cutting machines are produced entirely in Italy with passion and attention
7Loyalty: Because it has created its reputation on the basis of the longevity of its machines and on its philosophy that puts the satisfaction of its partners and customers first.

What are Valiani flatbed plotters for making signs, fittings for shop windows and displays?



The cutting machine that everyone would like as their first flatbed plotter


The flatbed plotter for the most demanding: cutting, creasing, milling in the same machine

Don’t stop to learn: how to find out more


In this article we have analyzed together everything there is to know about flatbed plotters for the field of signage.

We have known market trends, the ability of flatbed plotters in the processing of materials such as corrugated cardboard, honeycomb cardboard, forex, alu-dibond, lexan and plexiglass, we have understood the flexibility of these digital machines.

Finally, we discovered which are the best machines currently available.

We hope this article was helpful and you enjoyed it.

If you want to know more about the world of flatbed plotters, we invite you to read all the articles on our blog. Or contact us by filling out the form below.

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