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INVICTA AP cutting system represents the latest innovation belonging to Valiani line in the fashion sector. Thanks to its compact and sturdy structure, the vacuum table and the possibility of cutting and plotting with a pen, INVICTA AP turns out to be the ideal solution for the creation of paper patterns for the apparel industry. Its modularity, combined with high precision and cutting quality, makes it one of the most reliable and performing products available on the market.

Thanks to the innovative “quick” tool change system, it is possible to expand the potentialities of the equipment by simply adding the necessary tool, thus relying on a product that will last over time and easily adaptable to the current and future needs.

INVICTA AP is undoubtedly the ideal tool for all modellers who have to cut a large quantity cardboard / fiberboard paper patterns and allows a considerable saving of time and costs in the cutting process with a view to producing “in-house” what it is generally outsourced to third-party companies.

Energy saving

Thanks to the use of a rotary vane vacuum pump and 220V power supply, Invicta AP guarantees low noise and very low operating costs, as well as confirming Valiani’s great attention in producing goods with a low environmental and social impact.


Valiani cutting systems are equipped with an extremely intuitive software interface and at the same time easily integrated with CADCAM solutions. Thanks to the PRO2 Pilot software, supplied in the machine package, it is possible to interface with the most common file formats available on the market, such as .HPGL, .HPGL II, .DXF, .ISO, .PLT or .SVG.


Thanks to the wide availability of optional tools, INVICTA AP can be used successfully on a wide range of materials.

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Standard configuration, limitless creative possibilities

In its standard configuration it allows to:

  • Cut up to 5 mm (3/16’’) thick, irrespective of the hardness of the material.
  • Write on the different cardstock with a pen or pencil

It is also possible to equip it with a pneumatic oscillating head capable of:

  • Cutting thicknesses up to 20 mm (3/4’’) thick
  • Carving leather and fabrics
  • Cutting foam up to 2 cm

Invicta AP, in addition to having a vacuum table, is also equipped with a fold-away clamping system for a perfect media holding

  • Button clamps system
  • 220V vacuum pump

Size matters

INVICTA AP is a flatbed cutting system able to process, according to the models chosen, media up to the maximum size of 80×120 cm (32×48’’) and 100×150 cm (40×60’’).

Invicta AP 80

Invicta AP 120

Invicta AP 150

Main Applications

Leather and fabrics


Rigid cardboard


Folding carton


Rigid materials such as PVC, Vinyl, Forex and Polypropylene


Here are some of the main advantages guaranteed by Valiani Invicta AP

Vacuum table with multiple zones

All machines are delivered with a vacuum table divide into multiple zones to ensure the best media holding and preventing the material from lifting during cutting operations.

High-precision cutting

Maximum accuracy whether you cut paper, rigid cardboard and fiberboard, as well as leather, fabrics and foamed materials thanks to the wide choice of cutting tools.

Writing tool

A fast and accurate pen plotting tool allows you to draw letters, numbers and shapes on any substrate.

User-friendly software

Through PRO2 Pilot software, the plotters interface with all the CAD applications of the sector, thus using the standard formats HPGL, HPGL II, DXF, ISO, PLT or SVG. with a view to streamlining your workflow.

Ergonomic design

Thanks to their compactness and small size, Valiani machines can be easily installed even in small and limited spaces.
Tools & Software




Head 90° White






Pneumatic Oscillating Cutting Tool



Testa a Lama Oscillante ad alta velocità



High-speed Pneumatic Oscillating knife



Universal Creasing Tool



Multipurpose Drawing Tool



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