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M3 Valiani Packaging Creator is an advanced software, created to extend your Valiani machines’ capability, making ( cutting ) folding carton and corrugated packaging. It’s the result of close cooperation with a leading company in the packaging software market; an amazing application that will help any customer wishing to develop this business sector professionally.

This award-winning system has been available on the packaging market for more than 10 years and appreciated by thousands of end-users worldwide. M3 packaging creator is fully integrated with Valiani Future Mat Designer (FMD), allowing users to edit any designs, customize and finally export them to FMD with all the working files ready for use. A comprehensive library of more than 350 ready-to-use parametric designs (including ECMA and FEFCO) provides for quick and easy creation of standard packaging. M3 packaging creator is a complete bundle easy to use and learn, absolutely reliable, with functions studied to have better integration, flexibility and effectiveness with all Valiani machines and software. It is tailored to the needs of professional customers with specific focus on ease of use, flexibility and power. It will significantly enhance the capability of your machine whilst also increasing your business potential.111