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Interchangeable heads US Patent

Valiani’s Interchangeable Cutting Head system gains a prestigious US Patent; the patent
was filed for in 2006 and awarded in March of this year. This follows on from winning the Guild’s
2008 Innovation Award and the award of an European Patent in EP235186. These awards reflect and
support Valiani’s excellent sales record in some 65 countries

Since its introduction in 2007 the Interchangeable Head system remains the industry standard and
continues to be the market leader providing unprecedented levels of design and flexibility of
cutting, embossing and drawing options for Valiani’s complete range of CMCs. Outstanding Italian
engineering provides for an accuracy across the full range of interchangeable heads which are
colour coded thereby providing ease of identification and enabling the user the ability to rapidly
change cutting heads.

Due to a combination of almost 40 years manufacturing experience and in recognition of customer
requirements and feedback a number of additional heads have been introduced
and modifications have been made to existing heads. In addition to the MatStylus Deluxe pen head
and the packaging tools, there are six cutting heads and one embossing head, a total of nine
pieces. Compatibility of product and specifically the interchangeable head system ensures
that all nine heads are available across the whole range of Valiani’s nine CMCs from the
Geminus to the newly released Ultra and Ultra Vacuum.

The award of this patent is in recognition of Valiani’s innovative design processes and
particularly the introduction of the Interchangeable Head system is a fine example of Valiani’s
commitment to its customers, ensuring that its CMCs will never become obsolete
thereby providing a cutting option well into the future.


PDF Documents: Patent  Diagram & Patent Certificate