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Valiani News & Events

Mon 23 June - Fri 27 June

Valiani Distributor Meeting 2008

(Certaldo Italy)The Valiani Company hosted its annual International Distributor meeting this past June, in the city of Certaldo which lies in the center of the Tuscany Region of Italy.  Attendees from over 20 countries around the world flew in as guests of the Company for a few days of intense work and a little fun.  Additionally, Rosie Summer from the Fine Art Trade Guild was on hand to talk about how Valiani’s latest release, the Interchangeable head system, was selected as the “Innovation of the Year” by the Guild.  Also on hand were representatives from the LifeSaver Software company and ITW Alfamacchine.

“Each year the conference is held to exchange ideas and brainstorm customer needs and market trends”, said Nico Valiani.  The entire Valiani Company and family were on hand to participate in the meetings and festivities.  In addition to working on worldwide sales and marketing strategies, the attendees spent a little time in the surrounding countryside learning about traditional Italian celebrations such as the Siena Palio horse race festival which is highlighted by a traditional horse race through the city center.

Representatives from Valiani North America spent an afternoon describing the newest expansion efforts in the US and surrounding areas.