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Valiani Astra manual cutting machine


With the new Valiani Astra 120/150 benchtop machine mat cutting has evolved to the next level. The Astra is available in cutting capacities of 1250mm (49”) and 1550mm (61”) and cuts mats of varying thickness. The machine fully accessorized in its standard version is supplied with magnetic stops, measuring stops, an easy to use blade holder and an extension arm. The cutting head slides on four ball bearings which glide on two sturdy non warping tempered steel tracks constantly cleaned by two small brushes placed beneath it. The measuring stops are simply adjusted and allow precision cuts on all 4 sides of the matboard drastically reducing overcuts and undercuts.

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Valiani Astra manual cutting machine
User Friendly and Innovative

The magnetic stop is a revolutionary feature. Cutting is quicker and more precise. It eliminates the necessity of resetting the opening dimension stops for all 4 sides since the magnets automatically adjust to the external mat size and cuts mats of varying sizes without resetting the stops when you maintain the same border size. The magnetic stops will allow you to increase production rates.

Valiani Astra manual cutting machine
High quality

The blade holder is manufactured using high precision technology. It allows you to easily alter the blade depth by simply turning the adjustment screw to reduce or increase depth and ensures a perfectly straight cut at all times. The Astra mat cutter cuts mats of varying thickness from paper to mat boards up to 3.5mm thick.

Valiani Astra manual cutting machine

The right side extension arm allows for cuts of up to 120cm (48”). Simple to insert, it provides rigid and stable support for acquiring and cutting to size large mat boards. Includes a measuring stop to help set up the mat dimensions.