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Valiani Mat Pro - i Pneumatic mat cutting machine

Mat Pro - i

Pneumatic Mat Cutter

The MatPro-i is a durable and proven mat cutting machine that delivers exceptional quality, versatility and value. The MatPro pneumatic mat cutter is a unique manual design that incorporates state-of-the-art features, increasing your range, minimizing set-up, improving productivity, and eliminating common problems.

Valiani Astra manual cutting machine


Manual Mat Cutter

With the new Valiani Astra 120/150 benchtop machine mat cutting has evolved to the next level. The Astra is available in cutting capacities of 1250mm (49”) and 1550mm (61”)

Valiani Ellissomatec manual cutting machine


Oval-circle manual cutter

The Ellissomatec is a machine that cuts circles and ovals, at either 45° or 90° however with the versatility to cut easily more than one opening in a mat. The machine is supplied with a  pen line kit and glass cutting kit.