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Valiani Supreme -  is computerized cutting machine

Supreme - is

Supreme®-is computerized matboard cutting machine was developed for busy frame shops looking for a more robust mat cutting solution and, therefore, turns out to be the ideal choice for Custom framers or low volume production framers.

Supreme®-is is available in two sizes and is capable of doing all cutting from the front and the back, cuts single or multiple openings, V-grooves in all designs and pre-assembled double and triple mats without having to remove the mat from the machine.
This feature alone saves hours of work and is a great advantage that no other machine can offer along with the flexibility to accommodate matting materials and design concepts of the future.

Supreme®-is offers speed, performance, and mat cutting capability supported by the highest quality standards, making it extremely robust and durable.

Supreme®-is cuts tight curves and fine details simply not possible on other CMCs. Supreme®-is cuts pre-assembled double and triple mats without handling each mat separately.

FAST AND SIMPLE INSTALLATION: and set up of the machine is accomplished with basic tools. No more than one hour is required to be fully operational. Software provided on a CD format for fast installation on your personal computer. Follow the instructions on the Demo Software and learn all about the program Future Mat Designer. The user friendly software is easy to use. Become an expert in no time at all!

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Valiani Supreme -  is computerized cutting machine
Redesigned depth adjustment knob

A redesigned depth adjustment knob on the cutting head makes depth adjustments not only more easily readable, but also in smaller increments of just 0,1 mm. This provides for much better quality control when working with various manufacturers matboard or different material. The depth scale is now on the knob itself, while the red depth indicator remains in a fixed position always facing the operator regardless of depth setting. The range of depth with one full turn of the depth knob is increased to 5mm.

Valiani Supreme -  is computerized cutting machine
Quality Blades


Supreme® -is blades are meticulously produced from the finest steel and sharpened to a precisely controlled edge. Blades are inexpensive and will cut from 90 up to 160 average openings depending on the quality of the mat used as well as the mat size. Changing the blade is fast and simple and can be done in 30 seconds or less.

Valiani Supreme -  is computerized cutting machine
Micro Stepper motor

Powerful, quiet micro stepper motors effortlessly drive the cutting head. Digital electronics coupled with linear bearings ensure precise cutting paths and perfect results. Components of the motor, the motor pulley and belt can be seen through the clear cover.