Valiani M3 packaging creator


Maximus is the perfect mat cutter for professional framers, born to assist the user with excellent performance and extreme precision. The Maximus is targeted at companies with medium volume production that require robust and reliable equipment. 


Maximus is equipped with two independent heads and a permanent penholder. This combination translates into high capacity production by offering the use of 3 tools simultaneously. If combined with the large range of interchangeable heads it allows complex work without the need to stop to change heads.


The working table, combined with a new button clamping system, not only provides incomparable working flexibility over a wide range of materials but also provides the user with unparalleled accuracy and flexibility to meet today’s production challenges.


Totally compatible with the Interchangeable Heads® system, the Maximus is the ideal choice for all customers looking for a flexible product, capable to cope with today’s needs at a lower cost. The wide range of tools available make of Maximus a versatile product able to perform  90°, 45° and 40° cuts, creasing and perforating process, deboss and draw; ensuring your CMC will never become obsolete - providing a cutting option well into the future. 

The Maximus can be used effectively on: 
Mount board
Corrugated board
Rigid material such as vinyl, Forex®, PVC, polycarbonate
Corrugated plastic
Foam board – Gator board

Two independent interchangeable heads

Two independent interchangeable heads + optional pen head. Manual blade depth adjustment with increments of just 0.1 mm (1/32") provides much better quality control when working with various materials and thicknesses.