Valiani M3 packaging creator


The Gladius 260, combines all the Mat Pro® BC line features with the button clamps system, but with a large format CMC machine, to enhance what is already the largest range of products offered to this market sector. With the introduction of the Gladius, cutting supersize matboards become standard production and available to all, guaranteeing the greatest working flexibility up to a maximum format of 153x265cm (60"x104").



The Gladius 260 is a machine with a single head, totally compatible with the Interchangeable Heads® system, it is the ideal choice for all customers looking for a flexible product, capable to cope with today's and tomorrow's needs at an affordable cost. The wide range of tools available make of Gladius 260 a versatile product able to perform 90°, 45° and 40° cuts, creasing and perforating process, emboss and draw.


Reliability, Quality and Longevity

The Gladius 260 is assembled with high quality components and reliable technology; it features; honey-comb aluminum cutting table, high-resolution steppers motors, heavy-duty rails and linear steel bearings. Integrated with almost no maintenance, the Gladius 260 assures the best investment in long terms.


Work flow

The Gladius 260 is available in two models, with or without vacuum assisted table along with the button clamps. Mounted on a large rugged base that can be used for storing matboards up to 153x265cm (60"x104"). Equipped with an V Studio software, it releases the maximum operability with specific apps capable of speeding up the work flow, including Nesting and Pooling function.

Interchangeable Heads

The Machine is equipped with a Plug & Play Interchangeable Head system. Powerful magnets allow to quickly hold cutting tools and work without any interruption or tools setup

Fold away, cylindrical rotating button clamps

The fold away, cylindrical rotating button clamps provides an efficient and flexible clamping system. This allows to trim the material right to the edges, optimizing the material yield and leaves no more marks on your matboard!

Mount Board

Single, multiple apertures and v-groves cuts. Double or triple pre-assemble mount-board cuts of many shapes and sizes.