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Mat Pro Ultra BC Button Clamp

Mat Pro Utra BC

The Ultra BC, combines all the Mat Pro® line features with the button clamps system, eliminating waste and providing the maximum yield. Thanks to the wide range of hardware and software accessories it can be customized according to all different production requirements. The Valiani machines flexibility allows custom-tailor at any time with no extra cost.

Totally compatible with the Interchangeable Heads® system, the Ultra BC is the ideal choice for all customers looking for a flexible product, capable to cope with today’s needs at a lower cost. The wide range of tools available make of Ultra BC a versatile product able to perform  90°, 45° and 40° cuts, creasing and perforating process, emboss and draw.

Reliability, Quality and Longevity
The Ultra BC is assembled with high quality components and reliable technology; it features; honey-corn aluminum cutting table, high-resolution steppers motors, heavy–duty rails and steel bearings. Integrated with a low cost maintenance, the Ultra BC assures the best investment in long terms.

Work flow
The Ultra BC is available in two sizes, both supplied as standard with a 2 positions basement. Equipped with an operating software, totally developed by Valiani, it releases the maximum operability with specific apps capable of speeding up the work flow.

Mat Pro Ultra BC Button Clamp