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Mat Pro Ultra

Mat Pro Ultra

The Valiani Mat Pro® Ultra is the ideal mat cutting solution for the custom framer, offering the combination of reliability, design flexibility, and best of all, it maximizes profit.

This machine combines the best features of the Valiani cmc line, providing the most capable and affordable system available today.


Mat Pro® Ultra offers increased speed, performance and mountboard cutting versatility. The highest quality standards make it extremely robust and durable. Built using only quality components, it features; aluminium cutting table, high-resolution stepper motors, new heavy duty rails, steel bearings and the widest range of tools that, taken together, make the Mat Pro Ultra the most striking and fascinating machine on the market.


Mat Pro® Ultra is available in two sizes and is capable of doing all cutting from the front or the back, cuts single or multiple openings, V-grooves in all designs and pre-assembled double and triple mountboards without having to remove them from the machine. This feature alone saves hours of work and is a great advantage that no other machine can offer along with the flexibility to accommodate matting materials and design concepts of the future.


The Ultra can be used effectively on mountboard and on a wide range of packaging and display materials;


Corrugated board

Rigid materials such as vinyl, Forex®, PVC, polycarbonate

Corrugated plastic

Foam board, Gator board

With nearly 40 years experience in constructing mat cutting machines, and with thousands of CMC's sold all over the world, the new Mat Pro Ultra is going to be the first choice for framers.

Mat Pro Ultra
Manual depth adjustment

Manual depth adjustment with increments of just 0.1 mm (1/32”) provides much better quality control when working with various materials and thickness. Maximum thickness is 5mm (3/16”).

Mat Pro Ultra
Clamping System

Valiani clamping system reduces waste to 15mm (0.59“) straight cut and to 17mm (0.67“) bevel cut. Both clamps are equipped with measuring guides.

Mat Pro Ultra
Sturdy Base

The Mat Pro Ultra comes with standard base thats either flat or angled depeding on individual working practice and space requirements