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Vacuum Mat Board Cutting machine

Mat Pro Ultra V

The Valiani ‘V’ series comes to enlarge the wide range of cutting machines that continues Valiani’s international reputation for manufacturing high quality machinery.

The large vacuum table workspace, combined with a new clamping system, not only provides incomparable working flexibility over a wide range of materials but also provides the user with unparalleled accuracies to meet today’s production challenges.

The Mat Pro Ultra V is the first and only machine that combines all the features of the existing computerised mountboard cutting equipment with a flatbed cutting plotter.

The Mat Pro Ultra V has been designed with the aim of increasing the production capabilities of small-medium sized businesses whose target is to own a machine that can also handle foldable and rigid materials used for packaging and product displays.

The Mat Pro Ultra V can be used effectively on mount board and on a wide range of packaging and display materials;

Mountboard; Corrugated board; Rigid material such as vinyl, Forex®, PVC, polycarbonate; Corrugated plastic; Foam board, Gator board.

The Mat Pro Ultra V is also equipped with a camera for crop mark detection. This device, in combination with optional additional software, allows the end user to perform contour cutting or creasing on pre-printed materials.

With nearly 40 years experience in constructing cutting machines, and with thousands of CMC’s sold all over the world, the new Mat Pro Ultra is going to be the first choice for many customers. The vacuum aluminium bed, the high resolution stepper motors, the new heavy duty rails, the increased working speed and the widest range of tools make it the most sophisticated and desirable machine on the market.

Machine is available with optional multi-material storage base (stores sheets up to 820mm x 1220mm / 32” x 48”)

Vacuum Mat Board Cutting machine
Innovative pneumatic clamping system

Innovative pneumatic clamping system with fold-away pins. The Mat Pro Ultra V guarantees very low-cost usage and is almost maintenance free. 2. Multiple vacuum zones to assure positive retention of materials at any given point on the table.

Vacuum Mat Board Cutting machine
HD Camera

High resolution camera for crop mark detection.

Vacuum Mat Board Cutting machine
Independent vacuum zones

Extremely reliable rotary vane vacuum pump (oil-free and air-cooled) working through a selection of four independent work areas.