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Accessories for Mat Pro - i

Valiani Mat Pro - i Oval/Circle Cutter

Mat Pro - i Oval/Circle Cutter

The Oval/Circle cutter is simple to use and allow to cut oval and circular single or multi-openings and V-grooves up to a matboard thickness of 3 mm.

Valiani Mat Pro - i end trimmer

End Trimmer Mat Pro - i


The MP-Q 120 and MP-Q 150 optional end trimmer provides the ability to square and size matboard on either Mat Pro-i 120 or 150. This accessory will cut all matboard and foamboard materials up to 5 mm thickness.

Valiani Mat Pro - i Cutting Heads

Mat Pro - i Cutting Heads

New cutting heads available for theMat Pro - i: Red, Yellow, Purple, White.

Valiani Mat Pro - i 20mm Adapter Kit

Mat Pro - i 20mm Adapter Kit

The 20mm Adapter Kit for the Mat Pro-i adds a boost to your productivity without compromising precision.

Used in conjunction with the adjustment dials and measuring stops, the adapter doubles the range of positions simply by attaching the existing gantry magnets, eliminating the need to reset the stops and accelerating production of many complex mats such as offset corners and  groove/opening combinations.

Valiani  Ergonomic Cutter

Ergonomic Cutter

Trim your mat or other materials for free!

The new VALIANI Ergonomic Cutter enables you to cut without the need to buy blades, since our cutter uses the blades you have replaced on Valiani machines!

Valiani Cutting Blades

Valiani Cutting Blades

Valiani blades are meticulously produced from the finest steel and sharpened to a precisely controlled edge.

V Studio

V Studio

A new concept, many ways in which to use it, all in the name of simplicity.