Valiani USA

Mat Pro - i Cutting Heads


4 Different cutting heads available depending on your requirements:

Red: 45° Front Bevel Cut

Yellow: 90° Mat Multi Material

Violet: Embossing Tool

White: 90° Mat board




Interchangeable Heads

Red 45° Front Bevel Cut

The new 45° bevel head produces a wider, more dramatic bevel edge that many customers have become accustomed to. This cutting head option works well on all mat types up to 3 mm rag in thickness, but is somewhat limited in its ability to cut very fine detail and small radius curves.

Interchangeable Heads

Yellow 90° Multi Material

This tool head is developed especially for cutting foam board, softer, thicker foam-core materials and corrugated cardboard up to 5mm thick. Plastic PVC and hardboard (backing board) material can also be cut from 2 to 3 mm. thick. It also uses a wide glide pad instead of a roller to avoid indentation of the softer foam board surface. 

Interchangeable Heads

Violet Embossing Tool

A unique embossing tool for creating subtle, yet distinctive mat decoration and accents. Any Shape or Corner design, as well as fonts and clip art can be elegantly embossed into the mat surface. The embossing tool can also be used to create scored creases on either side of a mat to help with folding mat board or cardboard for custom boxes and other items.

Interchangeable Heads

White 90° Mat Board

This Head is designed for cutting either openings or sizing of mat board, up to three 1,5 mm (4-ply) mats thick. It eliminates the sharp mat edges that can be difficult to handle when sized with a sharp bevel cut.