Valiani USA

Opti Crop

What is Opticrop?

OptiCrop is the easy to use software, conceived by Valiani, to perform Contour Cut on pre-printed image. The software used in combination with ImageCut provides you with diagram to preview your contour cuts. This preview will even assist you in searching registration marks and export the artwork  into your machine correctly. 


Hardware and Software

The camera mounted on the machine, reading the registration marks,  will detect position of the cuts on the machine’s table. OptiCrop has an advanced feature to allow you the redrawing of the artwork according to the print skew. This feature always ensures the maximum precision when performing the contour cuts. 


Color Recognition

Since OptiCrop works with vector files, it is possible to set-up plotting process using different pen colors on you art work. Using a black line the software will import the object as a cut. This feature also recognizes different colors and allows the user to set-up on V-Studio halftones  color.  


What is the Contour Cutting?

Contour Cutting involves placing an outline around an object and makes the machine cut it.


Which file does it take?

OptiCrop works with .SVG file, it’s totally compatible with Adobe Illustrator and Corel Draw. 


Are registration marks plug-ins available?

Plug-in to add registration marks are available for both, Corel Draw and Adobe Illustrator. 


How does it work?

OptiCrop once positioned the camera on the first registration marks, automatically detect the 2nd, 3rd and 4th marks redrawing the artwork according to the position on the cutting table. 

3 registration marks correct affine transformation; 4 non-affine transformation. « Retry mode » allows you to repeat registration mark acquiring when not recognized preventing wasting time.


What makes everyday things easy to do

SVG compatibility (Adobe Ill. & Corel Draw)

Pen colors identification

Square and Round registration marks compatibility

Customizable registration marks sizes

High tolerance to variation in brightness

No limitation in registration marks positioning (Inside or outside artwork perimeter)

Straightening cutting process available up to +/- 44 ° 

Repositioning camera capability in case of recognition failure

Capability to manage object rotated 90°