Valiani USA

Ink Caps

Ink Caps have been specially designed to fit Valiani penholders.
Tired with having to remove your pen from the penholder to fit the pen cap?
How many times have you left the pen without refitting the pen cap?
How often have you gone to use the pen only to discover that the cap had not been put replaced and the pen was dry?
Put the stress behind you with this novel idea from Valiani. Ink Caps, supplied in sets of 3, have been designed to fit your penholder.
Simply remove the penholder and fit the Ink Cap. No more need to remove the pen from the penholder. It stays there ready to use next time and keeps the ink from drying out.
Ink Caps - Time and cost effective.
Another simple, but effective, solution from Valiani, the world’s leading mat cutting machinery manufacturer.