Valiani USA

Future Mat Designer

Constant development of the software over the years has allowed us to supply a range of tools   necessary for the most varied creative needs, supplying a library of finished works and integration with Corel Draw format .PLT and CAD derivitives using the .DXF format.

Import .PLT file
The Future Mat Designer Software interfaces with Corel Draw, which is one of the world’s most popular and powerful vector illustration software.

Mat Optimization
The new Mat Optimization feature allows array cutting of multiple mats of different sizes from the same sheet of mat board. With the “Internals” option, you can even cut complete mats from within the “fall-out” area of a larger mats in the design layout.

Future Mat Designer Software comes with more than 200 ready-to-cut templates.

New “Dead-End V-groove”
Allows incomplete V-groove designs, creating limitless possibilities.

Expanded Design Library
Now over 330 scalable shapes and corner templates, plus new fonts and over 400 clipart designs.

Text Creation Tool
The Text creation tool now gives the user the ability to simply type in the desired text, in over 20 font choices. The user can now create lines of text without using Corel Draw.
Select a font from the drop-down menu and character height, spacing between letters and text orientation.

P.O.S. & Visualization Software
Future Mat Designer Software may be interfaced with all major POS (Point of Sale) and Frame Visualization Software packages.
(Presently only available to North American Market.)

Software currently available in Italian, English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Japanese, Flemish and Chinese versions. Supreme®, Plus®, Gto® and Mat Pro® can also be used for production cutting of mats. The optimization program is included in the software. The software will calculate maximum utilization of the mat board which will minimise waste and reduce production costs. Only 1/32” (2 mm) of waste between mats is produced when cutting multiple mats.

Re-scale or Rotate Tool
Allows both scaling and rotating of any selected group of design, pre-design or imported elements.

Open V-groove Tool
Allows automatic creation of open V-groove around any designated shape.

Remote Support
The Remote Support allows the user to establish a remote connection with customer support to determine any software issue. Internet connection required.

DXF Converter
The DXF Converter allows the user to import a .DXF ( Drawing Exchange Format ) file converting it to a .PLT file. In addition to Corel Draw compatibility,
Future Mat Designer now lets you import designs from any Computer-Aided-Design (CAD) program as well. Simply convert any .DXF file to a Corel compatible .PLT file and import to the Future Mat drawing screen.

Processing Cut Sequence
The Processing Cut Sequence tool allows the user to manually set a defined cut sequence.
Centering and Positioning Tools
The Centering and Positioning Tools allows the user to place a selected shape between two other designated shapes or allow the user to position a selected shape anywhere he wish.

Array Openings Tool
The Array Opening Tool allows the user to create any number of rows and columns of mat openings. The user may also designate the spacing between the openings both horizontally and vertically, or a pre-determined mat size with either Spacing or Mat size priority.

Minimum System Requirements
Pentium III 266 Mhz or higher.

128 Mb Ram (256 Recommended).

30 Mb of disk space / CD ROM Drive.

Windows®  XP / Vista.