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Valiani Diapason Interchangeable heads

Interchangeable heads

Valiani Interchangeable Cutting Head System: the quick-change cutting head technology offers unprecedented levels of design and cutting versatility. Heads are color-coded for easy identification, and snap on and off with a simple tool.


M3 Packaging Creator software

M3 Packaging Creator

Introducing the M3 Valiani Packaging Creator, an advanced software application specifically designed for the Valiani range of computerised mat board cutting machines for the production of packaging, display cases and other cardboard based 3D objects.

Matstylus DeLuxe

Matstylus DeLuxe

New MatStylus Deluxe
The new MatStylus Deluxe now offers increased accuracy and flexibility with many types of drawing tools.
Multiple two-part pen holders of different sizes are supplied while  as an optional you can require plotter-pen cartridge Holder.

Packaging Tools

Packaging Tools

A new addition for the Valiani CMC range. The packaging Tools system provides numerous solutions, specifically for the packaging market.

V Studio

V Studio

A new concept, many ways in which to use it, all in the name of simplicity.

Mountboard Storage Base

Mountboard Storage Base

Short of Space? The Valiani Mountboard Storage Base offers space saving solution for storage of various materials.

Future Mat Designer

Future Mat Designer

The FUTURE MAT DESIGNER software supplied with the machine is the result of development created using the experience of the Valiani company coupled with the requirements of the end user. For this reason the programme is extremely easy to use and complete with the full functionality necessary to reduce the time required to create a project.

Valiani Mat Pro - i Oval/Circle Cutter

Mat Pro - i Oval/Circle Cutter

The Oval/Circle cutter is simple to use and allow to cut oval and circular single or multi-openings and V-grooves up to a matboard thickness of 3 mm.

Valiani Mat Pro - i Cutting Heads

Mat Pro - i Cutting Heads

New cutting heads available for theMat Pro - i: Red, Yellow, Purple, White.

Valiani Mat Pro - i end trimmer

End Trimmer Mat Pro - i


The MP-Q 120 and MP-Q 150 optional end trimmer provides the ability to square and size matboard on either Mat Pro-i 120 or 150. This accessory will cut all matboard and foamboard materials up to 5 mm thickness.

Valiani Mat Pro - i 20mm Adapter Kit

Mat Pro - i 20mm Adapter Kit

The 20mm Adapter Kit for the Mat Pro-i adds a boost to your productivity without compromising precision.

Used in conjunction with the adjustment dials and measuring stops, the adapter doubles the range of positions simply by attaching the existing gantry magnets, eliminating the need to reset the stops and accelerating production of many complex mats such as offset corners and  groove/opening combinations.

Valiani Metal Slip

Stainless Steel Slip sheet

Save your Valiani bench and table top from the permanent damages with Valiani Metal Slip.

Valiani table Metal Slip was created to provide maximum protection and  to avoid any scratches on the cutting machine!

Ink Caps

Ink Caps

Reduce wastage and save money with our novel Ink Caps.

Valiani PC Work Stand

Valiani PC Work Stand

The Valiani PC Work Stand is especially designed for the safe storage of our Interchangeable Heads, as well as convenient placement of the computer, monitor, keyboard and mouse.

CMC-ix Vertical

CMC-ix Up-Right Vertical Stand (optional)

The Up-Right Vertical Stand for the CMC-ix will be free of charge if you require it at the order.

The option for upright, vertical stand provides flexibility in tight spaces. It helps you saving substantial amount of space in your shop.

Opti Crop

Opti Crop

A Crop mark detection system allows management of all printed files, making contour cutting much easier and more precise.

Valiani Cutting Blades

Valiani Cutting Blades

Valiani blades are meticulously produced from the finest steel and sharpened to a precisely controlled edge.

Valiani  Ergonomic Cutter

Ergonomic Cutter

Trim your mat or other materials for free!

The new VALIANI Ergonomic Cutter enables you to cut without the need to buy blades, since our cutter uses the blades you have replaced on Valiani machines!