Valiani M3 packaging creator
Valiani innovation in mat cutting machines

Valiani Innovation

Valiani company is continuously working  to introduce radical and incremental changes in the framing industry and to achieve the highest possible quality in terms of machines performances and service.
Franco Valiani and his team have spent over than 30 years studying and developing mat cutting tools to help custom framers with their creations and their efforts are truly appreciated world-wide.

This year our creativity was corroborated by F.A.T.G., whose members decided to honour Valiani with their annual Innovation Award, thanks to the Interchangeable Heads System, which is a totally new, different and extremely innovative technology: one machine working as six! Not an insignificant change! And we foresee more options in the near future…

Innovation brings change and Valiani strongly feels that technology can change the way framers use their CMC’s!.... and Valiani will continue doing the utmost in their power to introduce new and exciting technology to the framing world.